just started selling their advent calendar with reds, whites and sparkling options from around the globe for the 2019 holiday season.
3 hands holding wine glasses together to cheers with Christmas lights and decor in the background
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In case you forgot, Aldi's wine advent calendar basically broke the internet last year, and it sold out within minutes. The calendar was filled with 24 mini bottles of wine—equivalent to six full-size bottles—and Aldi shoppers waited in Black Friday-style lines to get their hands on one.

Unfortunately, most people didn't get the chance to purchase one of the highly coveted calendars, as stores had very limited stock. Thankfully, there's another option out there for the 2019 holiday season that will guarantee you a wine advent calendar of your own, without waiting outside for hours just to leave empty-handed!, a site dedicated to giving consumers the opportunity to try the best beers from across the globe, makes gift baskets for high-profile clients like Southwest Airlines, ESPN and The White House—and you can be one, too! The company has expanded into selling beer and wine advent calendars during the holiday season, and we are pretty impressed with their selection.

Wine Advent Calendar box with little wine bottles

Similar to the Aldi calendar, this one also has six full bottles worth of wine, but they come in 12 half-size bottles instead of 24 minis. This is to allow you to share a bottle with a loved one or two each night you open it for double the holiday fun. This calendar is stocked with popular vino brands like Robert Mondavi and Clois du Bois, and will make for easy sipping to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas.

While there's still 105 days until Christmas (not like we're counting or anything), we're placing our orders ASAP, because this advent calendar is sure to sell out fast. And we're not taking any chances this year. It's one of the few wine advent calendars that ships within the U.S., and there's a short ordering window. Orders will be shipped in late November, just in time for the holidays, and we can't wait to try it out. Order soon so you can, too!