Here's how Hilaria Baldwin—the yoga pro, mom of four and wife to actor Alec Baldwin—celebrates Halloween with her family.
The Baldwin family dressed as Wizard of Oz characters for Halloween
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We asked Hilaria Baldwin—yoga pro, mom of four and wife to actor Alec Baldwin—to spill her best Halloween tricks and treats.

Here, she dishes on family costumes, candy rules, her favorite pumpkin recipes and more.

EW: What are your favorite Halloween traditions?

Hilaria: "Out here in the Hamptons, there's this place called Hank's Pumpkintown that the kids [Carmen, 6, Rafael, 4, Leonardo, 3, and Romeo,1] go crazy for. They have a train, fun little mazes, and we get our pumpkins there. Then for trick-or-treating, the kids wear two costumes. One is to their school or preschool. And then—I assume one year they'll stop going for it—they've been into doing a group dress-up thing. We did the Wizard of Oz one year and The Incredibles another year. Last year we were astronauts. I'm going to eat it up until they stop wanting to do that with us!"

How do you and Alec handle Halloween treats with your kids?

"Typically our children get to have a dessert after dinner. On actual Halloween they'll have one piece of candy. And when it comes to desserts the next day and the day after, they get to choose: 'Do I want Halloween candy? Or do I want to have Bunny Grahams or a little bit of ice cream?' Whatever they want I'll let them have that, in very small amounts."

What type of candy are you most likely to steal from your kids' baskets?

"I love Sour Patch Kids. Like, we better not keep them in the house because I'm gonna give myself a stomach ache! The yellow, green and blue ones are my favorites. The other candy I would go for are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups."

PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes) — love them or hate them?

"I wish I loved them, because people get so excited for them. But I like toned-down, more simple coffee. I used to drink three large black coffees with two shots of espresso a day. It was a lot of caffeine! But I don't drink black coffee anymore. Now, I'll do a very milky latte situation and try to not overdo it with the caffeine like I was before."


Do you have any favorite pumpkin recipes?

"My stepdaughter, Ireland, came over one of the past Halloweens, and she and her friends carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds. She put cinnamon and sugar on some and Hawaiian pink sea salt on the others. They were so delicious! Around Halloween and Thanksgiving, I'll also blend either roasted pumpkin or squash with some sea salt, olive oil or a little bit of butter and make a mash of it."

What are your tricks to stay fueled on busy days?

"I'm a big believer that you should have a meal when you can be present for it. Alec and I, we'll eat together almost every single night. And that either means having date night— after I put the kids to bed we go out to a little restaurant nearby—or we're staying home and literally having cereal for dinner. As I'm running around throughout the day, I'll do a lot of snacking—things like kale chips, Health Warrior bars. I'm always stocked up."

How do you get your kids to eat their veggies?

"I make them a smoothie at night. Because it is an issue. I see little kids who eat salads and I'm like, 'Please! Teach me your ways!' If I were to judge myself from the outside, I'd be like, 'Of course Hilaria's kids are munching on raw kale and stuff like that.' Absolutely not! And I used to think: I don't want to be one of these mothers who hides raw vegetables in food. But I am 100% that mother. So I make them drink their shake at night that has everything from broccoli to kale to green beans to carrots in it—tons of different stuff. Sometimes avocado. I'll put a banana in there. Sometimes a little bit of honey— depending on how ripe the banana is. It does have to be a little bit sweeter in order for them to drink it. And then I'll put some coconut water and hemp milk in it too."

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Which yoga pose helps you recharge?

"The thing I've learned from teaching yoga for so many years is that we all hold our stress in different ways. One of the perfect sequences is the Sun Salutation. Not only are you stretching out and focusing on your breath, but you're also getting your body to move a little bit."

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