Find out what the Duchess of Sussex eats in a day to stay fit and energized to accomplish her royal duties.
Meghan Markle holidng a microphone
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Meghan Markle may no longer have social media privileges due to her royal status, but she was posting food pics like the rest of us before becoming the Duchess of Sussex. Markle even had her own food and lifestyle blog, The Tig, where she would share her favorite eats and recipes with followers.

Markle is extremely passionate about food and identifies as a "flexitarian," eating mostly vegan during the week and allowing herself a little more wiggle room for meat and dairy on the weekends. It's also rumored that she does a lot of the cooking at Frogmore Cottage, even though she certainly could have a private chef cook every meal. Find out what she eats to stay energized for all her royal duties (and life as a new mom).


Word on the street is that Meghan loves breakfast—it's her favorite meal of the day. Although she may live in the U.K., her taste buds still love West Coast food like acai bowls, avocado toast and green juices in the morning. However, she told Delish she sees green juice more as a cup of coffee rather than a magical elixir, and drinks them to keep up her energy on long days. Markle doesn't drink coffee (or any caffeine, for that matter), so she turns to green juice for a pick-me-up.

Back in her acting days, Markle used to kick off her early mornings with a big glass of hot water and lemon before diving into a cozy bowl of steel-cut oats, fresh fruit and a drizzle of agave syrup. She also would press her own juices and particularly loved a blend of spinach, lemon, apple, kale and ginger.

We think Markle would absolutely love kicking off her day with our Acai-Blueberry Smoothie Bowl or West Coast Avocado Toast to get a taste of home while living abroad. We don't mean to brag, but we also make a pretty mean Green Juice!


This is a pretty big meal for Markle, as she likes to load up in the afternoons when her schedule is packed. While she's gone back and forth between different kinds of diets—some days she's ditching gluten and eating vegan, other days she's enjoying cheesy pasta—she certainly seems to follow Mediterranean-style diet principles.

We stumbled upon one of her go-to lunch recipes from her blogging days. It involved kale, turkish dates, almonds, quinoa, Parmesan cheese and a crave-worthy dressing. Yum!

The Duchess of Sussex would love our Superfood Chopped Salad with Salmon & Creamy Garlic Dressing to power her through to dinnertime when she's eating meat. On days she's staying strictly plant-based, our Citrus-Lime Tofu Salad will give her the Baja-style flavors she loves from growing up in Southern California.

It's also worth noting that Meghan Markle eats more than just kale salads; she's said that fries are one of her all-time favorite foods and loves to split them with Harry on their lunch dates. We've never related to royalty more!


Meghan Markle is kind of obsessed with almonds, which are a super nutritious snack choice. Almonds are loaded with healthy fats, vitamins, fiber and even a little protein to nourish your body on the go. She even swears by them for healthy skin. And if she needs to liven things up, Markle opts for almond butter and apple slices to get through that midday slump.


Markle loves to experiment in the kitchen, so it's no surprise she tends to run the gamut when it comes to dinnertime. Markle loves sushi, fish tacos and roast chicken—she's not picky! Soup is even a common dinnertime dish in her house. Just know, whatever she's dining on at night will probably be accompanied by a glass of vino.

Our Crispy Oven-Fried Fish Tacos are a little lighter than the deep fried, mayo-slathered kind and are perfect for Meghan's smallest meal of the day. We also have a pretty phenomenal Roast Chicken with Parmesan-Herb Sauce that would be perfect for entertaining William, Kate and the whole royal clan.

Favorite Foods

While Markle dabbles in gluten-free eating from time to time, pasta is one of her very favorite foods and she loves to try different kinds while she's traveling. Markle also has her own pasta sauce recipe made from zucchini that she swears by when she wants a meal that tastes indulgent but is actually (secretly) healthy.

If she's looking to indulge a bit, she goes for cacio e pepe instead. She even loves Annie's Macaroni and Cheese from a box! British royalty, they're just like us.

Markle is also a wine aficionado and loves it so much she once referred to wine as her "favorite dessert." Tignanello is her top pick—the inspiration behind her food blog domain. But while she's partial to bold reds, she also does love a glass of rose in the summertime.

One of Markle's favorite foods is a Canadian staple she discovered while filming Suits in Toronto—poutine. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically french fries smothered in gravy and topped with cheese curds. Check out our (slightly) lighter version, here.

The Bottom Line

"Markle's diet sounds pretty healthy. It sounds like she has a sensible style of eating that allows for flexibility and enjoying her favorite foods—like french fries and wine," says Lisa Valente, M.S., R.D., EatingWell's digital nutrition editor. "Eating mostly plant-based foods gives her a lot of the health benefits of a plant-based diet, but doesn't deprive her of foods she enjoys. It's a nice balance."

Just remember, blindly following another person's diet isn't a surefire way to lose weight or look more like them. We can definitely learn a lot from the way the Duchess of Sussex eats, but it shouldn't be a gold standard for healthy eating. Listen to your body and eat foods that make you feel good throughout the day—and taste good, too!