The Return of These Trader Joe's Plants Will Get You Ready for Halloween

These yoga skeleton planters are only $5.99, so naturally you need one for every room in your house.

skeleton sculptures with air plants in the top of their heads
Photo: Instagram / @pugmars; @traderjoesnut

It's no secret we love Trader Joe's (heck, we've even found 50 ways to use their Everything But the Bagel Seasoning), but our feelings grew a little deeper and stronger today. The grocery store is bringing back these adorable skeleton-shaped planters and we need them in our grocery casts ASAP.

For those of you who think it's too early to decorate for Halloween (or don't like adorable things,) hear us out: These skeleton planters were a big hit last year, and they're still only $5.99. Each skeleton also comes with a tiny air plant to purify your home, which is definitely more sweet than spooky—plus, they're doing yoga poses. In addition to the two poses from last year, lotus with hands to heart and lotus, there's a new pose: lotus with hands above head (they must know all about the health benefits of yoga!)

Even if you're not a regular yogi, you have to admit that these planters are a very cute addition to decorate your home (or dinner table) this Halloween. Just hurry up and head to your local TJ's to snag a few—they're sure to sell fast again this season!

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