We raided our local Trader Joe's to find the best budget wines—plus, the best foods to pair with each.
red wine being poured into a wine glass
Credit: Nicolas Wayne/Getty Images

We love a good Trader Joe's find—especially when it comes to their wine section. While there are plenty of budget picks, some of them can be hit or miss. Even though these wines aren't very pricey, we still hate wasting $10 on a subpar bottle!

So, we headed to our local Trader Joe's to try a bunch of them—from Beaujolais to Syrah—to find the best wallet-friendly options for your next dinner party (or personal stash, we don't judge). Below, you'll find our three favorite reds under $10.

100 Mile Petite Syrah

100 Mile Sirah bottle from Trader Joe's
Credit: Trader Joe's

This wine is made in California's Central Valley and is fruity and refreshing. Sipping on this made us feel like we were enjoying the fresh Mediterranean breeze on a summer's day. Luckily a bottle of this bad boy is a whole lot cheaper than a flight to Spain, at just $8.99.

This full-bodied red is high in tannins—meaning it is astringent and slightly bitter—so it pairs well with fatty foods and robust flavors.

La Paca Sonriente Garnacha

bottle of La Paca Grenache wine from Trader Joe's
Credit: Trader Joe's

According to blogger Reverse Wine Snob, this Spanish Grenache is available exclusively at good ol' Trader Joe's, so you'll want to add it to your next grocery list ASAP. It's full-bodied, acidic and has a nice balance of fruit and earth. You'll be able to snag a bottle yourself for just $6.99 (but the label looks so chic, your friends will think it costs triple that!)

This well-balanced wine would taste delicious with well-spiced meats and veggies. You'll love it with our Grilled Lamb Chops with Thyme served alongside some roasted veggies and red potatoes.

19 Crimes The Uprising Rum Aged Red Wine

19 Crimes wine bottle
Credit: Trader Joe's

This was the unanimous fan favorite in our office, and although it's not a Trader Joe's exclusive, you'll likely find it here for the best price. A $13 bottle (or more) anywhere else becomes a $9.99 budget pick at TJ's! And we could all agree it tastes way more expensive than it really is.

This complex, bold wine has nice hints of brown sugar, thanks to a month of aging in a barrel of rum. This well-balanced Australian vino would pair deliciously with a big bowl of our Chicken & Spinach Skillet Pasta with Lemon & Parmesan.