Let's face it. Everyone loves fried food. From time to time it's tempting to just pile the family in the car, and run through the drive-through. But it's easy to make "fried" food at home! At EatingWell, we oven fry. It's a technique that delivers that crispy outer crust that everyone loves, while using WAY less fat. So next time you get a hankering for some chicken nuggets, try these Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Tenders instead. What's the secret to oven frying? Here are the steps:

Step 1) Get your oven nice and hot, and spray a wire rack with cooking spray - this will prevent sticking and cooking on a wire rack lets the heat distribute more evenly.

Step 2) Dip your food in flour, then egg, then a breadcrumb mixture. This is called the "standard breading procedure" and it ensures that the coating will stick.

Step 3) Spray your food with cooking spray. This step really gets the outer crust crispy without having to add tons of fat.

And that's it! Another quick, easy meal the whole family will love.