Hey Healthy Hearts Club members! Did you know that February is American Heart Month? Every day this month, we'll be posting a heart-healthy tip to help you eat for a healthier heart. Here's today's tip:

Spice it up: To prevent hypertension and boost flavor, cut back on sodium by using more herbs, spices and salt-free seasoning blends when cooking. Not sure where to start? Add lemon juice or vinegar to homemade tomato sauce; the acidity will impart a sensation similar to salt. Or, experiment with herbes de Provence or fines herbes-two sodium-free French spice blends-when cooking meat, poultry or your tomato sauce.

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Every day for American Heart Month, we're posting a quick tip to help you eat for a healthier heart. Join the Healthy Hearts Club group for daily heart-healthy tips throughout the month of February.