What do you let your kids eat? I asked my fellow mom-editors at EatingWell this question yesterday because I'm struggling with what to let my child eat.

My son is just a year and a half old (so I'm still new to this mom thing). My husband and I have been pretty selective about what he eats-little added sugar and salt, few processed foods, lots of whole grains, fruits, beans and full-fat dairy-but at daycare they occasionally serve frozen popsicles (made with fruit juice followed closely by added sugars and high-fructose corn syrup).

I've said no to those treats, so the teachers offer him popsicles of just frozen apple juice. (So nice of them!) But at his age, he's old enough to understand that the other kids have something else-so he's not eating the special pops. And I realized that by just saying no, he's not learning about how even less-than-healthy foods can be enjoyed in moderation as part of an otherwise healthy diet.

I know, I could be Supermom and make homemade popsicles without the additives (or buy healthier pops) for the whole class. (Want to DIY? Make these easy, yummy homemade popsicles for 100 calories or less.)

While that would be a solution (if I had the time), my co-workers have a different take. Nicci Micco, our deputy editor of nutrition, and Stacy Fraser, our Test Kitchen manager, both wonderful mothers of two whose opinions I trust, say they subscribe to the "When you're in Rome" rule-pops at daycare are fine, but we don't need to eat those treats at home.

I asked celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, a father to three daughters under the age of 9, if there is a food he won't feed his kids, when I interviewed him for our September/October issue of EatingWell Magazine.

His take? "I am not the food police. I grew up eating everything from fresh veg and fish to ice cream and cheap chocolate bars, and my girls are the same. They'll try pretty much everything that my wife, Jools, or I cook for them. As parents, we can encourage our kids to try many different things and to help choose and prepare food. Hopefully they'll build up their knowledge of flavors and grow up able to make better choices."

What do you think-are there any foods you won't let your kids eat?

Photo Credit: David Loftus