Smoky Corn & Black Bean Pizza

I swim a couple mornings a week and recently I've had to share a lane at the gym pool (which almost never happens). I asked one of the other regular swimmers next to me why it was so crowded. Swimsuit season. (Click here for our easy, 4-week weight-loss meal plan to slim down in time for summer.)

Just like those resolutions in January, the anticipation of going out in public in a bathing suit is enough to get many of us flocking to the gym to drop pounds.

If you're trying to get "beach-ready" putting in extra time at the gym is great, but it also makes sense to watch what you eat. As the food editor at EatingWell Magazine and the author of our delicious diet book EatingWell 500-Calorie Dinners, I've recently heard from a number of readers who are having amazing success shedding pounds by cooking EatingWell recipes.

The other day I got an e-mail from reader Kathy Stevens. She says that she's lost 25 pounds since December, and she writes, "Your magazine and cookbooks have helped so much. I am eating so much better and making the right choices. Because of this, I no longer have cravings for garbage foods."

Another fan, Andrea Buraglia, is in the midst of 90 days of cooking dinners from EatingWell that are 500 calories or less. She tweets about it on Twitter and takes photos of what she cooks then posts them on her Facebook page. She says she loves the EatingWell Taco and she recently made an EatingWell Carrot Cake and topped it with Star Wars action figures for a birthday party. You can check out what she's cooking here.