Healthy eating on the road.

Healthy eating on the road.

When you're on the road, it's easy to leave your healthy intentions behind. Here are travel tips for eating healthy on the road.

1. In hotels, your budget allows, ask for a room with a mini-fridge or microwave so you can have some of your meals there. The front-desk staff can point you to the nearest grocery store.

2. If you're driving, pack a picnic lunch or dinner to eat at a rest stop (save the roadside restaurants for coffee and bathroom stops). For longer trips, bring a cooler and stock it with meal-ready nutritious staples like cut up veggies, bottled water and string cheese.

3. On planes trains and buses, tuck emergency rations in your carry-on bag (if regulations permit). Think there's nothing healthy to eat in the terminal or station? Au contraire.

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