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As E. B. White is said to have quipped, in Vermont a Yankee is "somebody who eats pie for breakfast." But to the rest of us, a Yankee is a New Englander of English descent. In the hills and mountains of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada, an enduring tradition based on small-scale orchard and vegetable crop production, dairy livestock pasturing, and forest product extraction has evolved over centuries. Drawing on Algonquian, English, Québecois, and French Acadian traditions, the inland Yankees and other ethnic enclaves have shaped a distinctive cuisine from cheeses, dry beans, root crops, smoked meats, and maple syrup.

Although the regenerative capacity of maple forests is now in question due to climate change and acid rain, maple syrup remains the signature flavor of this region. Nonetheless, as the mixed farm economy declined in the region following World War II, many traditional foods began to be abandoned. Today, more than 180 tradi­tional foods are threatened or endangered in this region by changing land uses and waning cultural practices.

– excerpted from Renewing America's Food Traditions, edited by Gary Nabhan, with the permission of Chelsea Green Publishing (

Disappearing Foods

* American (Standard) Bronze Turkeys

* Atlantic Cod

* Bearpaw Runner Bean

* Caribou Pea

* Champlain Apples

* Iron Mountain Peach

* Maine Giant Jerusalem Artichoke

* Trophy Tomato

* Winningstadt Cabbage

* Yellow Spanish Cherry, Sweet

* See Full List

Find EatingWell recipes that celebrate heritage foods from Maple Syrup Nation:

Tips to preserve heritage and heirloom foods:

• Become a seed saver through the Seed Saver Exchange (

• Purchase heirloom produce and heritage livestock breeds (American Livestock Breeds Conservancy,

• If you think a food is endangered, nominate it to the Slow Ark of Taste,

• Support community agriculture, farmers markets and local food groups.

• Attend events that celebrate local foods.

Read more about Renewing America's Food Traditions (RAFT).

Disappearing Foods (Full List)

Abenaki Potato

Acme Tomato

Agawam Grape

Algonquian Red Speckled Bean

American (Standard) Bronze Turkeys

American Butternut

American Chestnut

American Golden Russett/Bullock Apples

American Pippin Apples

Amish Paste Tomato

Amish Pie Squash/Pumpkin

Atlantic Cod

Bailey Sweet Apples

Bakery's Squash

Baldwin Apples

Bearpaw Popcorn

Bearpaw Runner Bean

Beaut Tomato

Beauty of Hebron Potato

Beaveny Valley Purple Jerusalem Artichoke

Berkshire Polish Tomato

Bethel Apples

Bevan's Favorite Apple

Black Mennonite Popcorn

Black Oxford Apples

Black Spanish Winter Radish

Blackcoat Runner Bean

Boothby's Blonde Cucumber

Boston Marrow Squash

Bottle Greening Apples

Bronx Seedless Grape

Bumblebee Bean


Campfield Apples

Canada Crookneck Squash

Canadian Gem Rutabaga/Turnip

Canadienne Cattle

Canandaigua Grape

Caribou Pea

Cayuga Ducks

Champion of England Pea Bean

Champlain Apples

Chandler Apples

Chantecler Chickens

Charette/The Donut Apples

Charles Murphey's Shell Bean

Cheerio Tomato

Chester Bean

Chimney Apples

Coles Quince Apples

Conqueror Tomato

Crosby's Early Corn

Cutchogue Cheese Squash

Dan O'rourke Pea Bean

Danish Ballhead Shortstem Cabbage

Danvers Carrot

Davey Apples

Delaware Grape

Deserento Potato Bean

Doctor Apples

Duane Baptiste's Potato Bean

Dutchess Grape

Early Chantenay Carrot

Early Cluster Pickling, Russian Cucumbers

Early Cory Corn

Early Dean Sweet Corn

Early Goodrich Potato

Early Scarlet Horn Carrot

Early Vermont Corn

Early White Cory Corn

Essex Turban Long Pie Squash

Evelyn Persimmon

Far North Sea Tomato

Fayette Shellbark Hickory

First of All Corn

Fisher Bean

Flagg Bea

Flat Egyptian Beet

Fordhook Gem Melon

Fort Kent Gold Flint Corn

Fox Grape

Fox Shagbark Hickory

Ganondaga Flint Corn

Garland Flint Corn

Gaspé Flint Corn

Gilfeather Rutabaga/Turnip

Gloria Mundi/Ox Apples

Goff Grape

Golden Heirloom Bean

Green Delicious Squash

Green Mountain Potato

Guinea Parsnip

Ha-go-wa (Seneca Flint) Corn

Harrison Apples

Harrison Potato

Hunt Russett Apples

Hyslop (Hyssop) Crab Apples

Ice Bean

Indian Oblong Long Pie Squash

Iron Mountain Peach

Iroquois Brown Bean

Iroquois Calico Flour Corn

Iroquois Cranberry Bean

Iroquois White Giant Flour Corn

Java Chickens

Jersey Buff Turkeys

Jersey Giant Chickens

John Coffer/Dale Strain Sorghum

Kahnawake Pole Bean

Katahdin Potato

King of Early Bean

King of Early Corn

Lady's Thumb

Lancaster Surecrop Corn

Lane's Imperial Sugar Beet

Late Strawberry Apples

Lawson Pear

Lazy Housewife Bean

Leather Britches Bean

Long Blood Red Beet

Longfellow Flint Corn

Luther Hill Sweet Corn

Maine Giant Jerusalem Artichoke

Maine Yellow Eye Bean

Marblehead Mammoth Cabbage

Marblehead Mammoth Squash

Mayfare Pea Bean

Mayflower Bean

Maygog Early Pea Bean

Mcleans Little Pea Bean

Melon Apples

Mennonite Red Beet

Milking Devon Cattle

Mohawk Round Nose Flour Corn

Mohawk White Hominy Corn

Montreal Nutmeg Melon

Morgan's Mill Corn

Mostellers Wild Goose Bean

Mull Kidney Bean

New Queen Potato

Newtown Spitzenburg Apples

Old Champion Pea Bean

Onondaga Kidney Bean

Orange Oxheart Tomato

Ortley/Greasy Pippin Apples

Oxford Yellow Eye Bean

Painted Lady Runner Bean

Pearmain, Summer Apples

Peck's Pleasant Apples

Pennsylvania Dutch (Hawwerwurzel) Salsify

Pennsylvania Dutch Butter Corn

Penobscott Squash

Primate Apples

Rambo (Winter) Apples

Rand (Black Spanish) Long Radish

Randall Lineback Cattle

Red Currant

Red Peach Tomato

Redkloud Red Kidney Bean

Risser Sickle Pea

Robertson's Scarlet Keeper Carrot

Rochester Peach

Roy's Calais Flint Corn

Scott's Choice Dry Bush Bean

Sehsapsing (Delaware Blue) Corn

Seneca Blue Bear Dance Corn

Seneca Hominy Corn

Seneca Horn Potato

Seneca Pinto Bean

Seneca Sunflower

Shaker's Early Corn

Sheldon Pear

Sibley Pike's Peak Squash

Six Nations Bean

Six Nations Corn

Slappy Peach

Slaybaugh Special Peach

Smith's Cider Apples

Snowflake Potato

Somerset of Maine Apples

St. Valery Carrot

Stampede Jerusalem Artichoke

Starkey Apples

Steuben Yellow Eye Bean

Stone Apples

Stone Mason Cabbage

Stowell's Evergreen Corn

Succulent Hawthorn

Sulfur Bean

Summer Succotash Bean

Summer Sweet/Sidney Apples

Sungold Casaba Melon

Sweet Winesap Apples

Thomas Laxton Pea Bean

Thousand-to-one Bean

Tiffen Mennonite Tomato

Tom Thumb Yellow Popcorn

Tonawanda Calico Flint Corn

Tonawanda Seneca Dry Bush Bean

Trophy Tomato

True Lemon Cucumbers

True Red Cranberry Bush Bean

Tuscarora White Hominy Corn

Tyson Pear

Upright Maine Blueberry

Vermont Beauty Pear

Vermont Cranberry Bean

Vermont Yellow Flint Corn

Waldoboro Greenneck Rutabaga/Turnip

Warner Turban Squash

Waver's Mennonite Stuffing Sweet Pepper

Western Beauty Apples

Wilder Early Pear

Winningstadt Cabbage

Winter Succotash Bean

Winthrop Greening Apples

Worden Seckel Pear

Wyandotte Chickens

Yellow Globe Danvers Onion

Yellow Spanish Sweet Cherry

Zimmerman Pawpaw