These Space-Saving Attachments Transform Mason Jars Into Practical Kitchen Tools

From a salt and pepper shaker to an herb saver.

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A glass Mason jar looks simple, but the truth is, it is one of the most versatile food storage containers money can buy. Not only do they make the ideal vessels for layered salads and healthy snacks, but they can store all kinds of foods: Fermented pickles, jam and overnight oats, just for starters.

There are even more ways to get the most out of your Mason jars. Enter Jarware, an under-the-radar brand that makes lid attachments designed to transform your glass jars into a number of practical gadgets. For example, did you know you could turn a Mason jar into an oil cruet or an herb saver? And best of all, all of these lids are compatible with any brand of jar, including Ball and Kerr (although the jar itself is not included).

If you already frequently use Mason jars as food storage, you're going to love these Jarware products. And best of all, prices start at just $6. Keep scrolling for our picks for the best Jarware Mason jar lid attachments.

8 of the Best Jarware Mason Jar Attachments:

Cocktail Shaker

Under the Radar Mason Jars

To buy: $12.99,

This cocktail shaker lid is perfect for summer. If you're drinking a lot of refreshing mixed drinks with ice, you can pour the ingredients directly into your jar, add ice and shake it up. The top of the attachment acts as a jigger for measuring spirits, while the other piece includes a strainer (in case you want to pour your drink into a cocktail glass instead of drinking it straight out of the Mason jar) and a leak-proof silicone gasket.

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Under the Radar Mason Jars

To buy: $6.79 (was $9.50),

If you buy salt and pepper in bulk, this salt and pepper shaker attachment will come in handy. Just fill the Mason jar up with salt, then screw the attachment into the metal lid that came with the jar. Fill the inner chamber up with pepper, and rotate the knob at the top to switch between the two seasonings. And at just $6, it's a great deal. Who knew a Mason jar could dispense these essential seasonings?

Oil Cruet

Under the Radar Mason Jars

To buy: $5.99,

Most people buy large bottles of olive oil to have on hand at all times, but these jugs, and even a typical oil dispenser, can take up a lot of space on your counter. With this attachment, you can grab a Mason jar you already have, fill it up with your oil of choice and screw the cruet right on top. No need to buy an additional kitchen tool for your oil, and the no-drip spout is made from dishwasher-safe silicone.

Tea and Cold Brew Infuser

Under the Radar Mason Jars

To buy: $21.99,

If you like to take iced tea or cold brew on-the-go this is the Mason jar lid attachment for you. Just add water to the jar, and coffee grounds to the stainless steel strainer—it's fine enough to ensure that your cold brew won't taste gritty—and let it steep it overnight. In the morning, remove the grounds, screw on the lid of your choice and take your coffee right out the door. It doubles as a loose leaf tea infuser, too.

Fruit Infuser

Under the Radar Mason Jars

To buy: $11.04 (was $11.99),

If you prefer to add fruit flavors to your water, try this infuser basket. Just add your fruit of choice and water to the bottle, then screw the attachment to the top. Let it steep, and then enjoy your drink—the basket blocks any loose fruit from slipping through the spout. You can also remove the infuser basket and use a spill- and leak-resistant drinking lid.

Set of Two Spouts

Under the Radar Mason Jars

To buy: $14.49,

These spouts are perfect for you if you like to use Mason jars to store snacks and candy. The spout dispenses a handful of your favorite treats with ease. The leak-proof leads can also contain fermented vegetables or function as an easy-sip lid for your favorite beverage. The one with the handle can be used to easily pour out snacks, while the one without the handle is better suited as a lid for beverages.

Herb Saver

Under the Radar Mason Jars

To buy: $10.84,

This is one of the coolest products on the list. This gadget offers an easy way to preserve your favorite herbs longer. Just add your herb (like rosemary, oregano or thyme) of choice to the jar and flip it upside down. Add water to the inside of the attachment, and screw it onto the mouth of the jar. It should stop the leaves from wilting out once you pop it in the refrigerator by positioning the herbs upright, with stems in water.

Citrus Juicer

Jarware 82654 Jarware Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer Lid for Mason Jars

To buy: $13.99 (was $18.19),

There are so many different tools out there that claim to make juicing citrus easier but with this classic juicer attachment you don't have to buy any superfluous unitaskers. Once it's attached, reamed fruit juice drips directly into a jar, cutting down on mess. The juicer is made from sturdy, dishwasher-safe stainless steel, and the strainer prevents pulp and seeds from slipping into your fresh juice.

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