Our Editors' Favorite Walking Gear for Spring, From Lululemon Belt Bags to Brooks Shoes

It’s walking season!

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It's officially walking season here on the East Coast, where we're based. That means our team is ready to hit the streets for some much needed sunshine.

And we all can agree that the right gear matters, whether we're taking our dogs out for a brisk stroll, or hiking the paths of some of our local state parks. That's why we've rounded up a few of our favorite essentials that make those daily walks all the more enjoyable.

From on-sale Lululemon joggers to Supergoop sunscreens, smart watches and water bottles, we've got you covered. Shop over 15 of our favorite picks below and thank us later.

Editor-Loved Walking Gear

Lululemon 1-Liter Everywhere Belt Bag

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $38, shop.lululemon.com

This is EatingWell fellow Danielle DeAngelis' favorite bag to take along on every walk. It's great if you also like to take a few things with you, especially for longer strolls. "The name is fitting because I really do bring it with me everywhere I go," she says. "It's perfect for walking, and it's so light and comfortable that I forget I'm even wearing it. No sliding straps here!"

Teva Original Universal Shoe

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $54.99, zappos.com

While a sneaker feels like the obvious choice, it might not be depending on where you want to walk. Allison Little, our production manager, can't get enough of the original universal shoe from Teva. "Living near the beach, I need shoes I can wear through sand, water and on the trails. I love that these sandals have multiple adjustable straps so I can easily get the perfect fit. Plus, points for being vegan and sustainable," she says. They come in tons of colors and patterns, too, like white, black, 90s multi and olive with a cute butterfly pattern.

Old Navy High-Waisted PowerSoft Performance Shorts

Editor-Loved Walking Items
Old Navy

To buy: $29.99, oldnavy.gap.com

"It can be hard to find quality shorts for women with pockets, so I always stock up when I find a pair I like," says associate food editor Alex Loh. "I just bought two pairs of these shorts and I'm excited to wear them all season long. The pockets are just large enough that I can hold my phone and keys easily without it being uncomfortable while I walk."

Hydro Flask 40-Ounce Wide Mouth Bottle with Flex Straw Cap

40 oz Wide Mouth with Flex Straw Cap
Hydro Flask

To buy: $54.95, hydroflask.com

Another must-have is a water bottle, especially if you're hiking or walking a longer distance. "Sorry to the Stanley and Yeti lovers—I'm a Hydro Flask girl," says DeAngelis about another one of her favorite picks. "My Hydro Flask bottle is convenient, easy to clean and has never let me down when it comes to keeping my water ice cold." Plus, this model also comes with a straw cap for easy sipping, and the 40-ounce size will hold enough water to keep you hydrated no matter where you're going.

Garmin Venu 2S Smartwatch

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $299.99 (was $349.99), target.com

Tech can be another walking game changer. "This smartwatch actually makes me go on walks thanks to reminders to move and its daily step tracker that speaks to my competitive side," says news and deals editorial director, Katie Macdonald. "I wear it on all of my walks, as well as the rest of the day since its slim profile isn't bulky or uncomfortable, and it has a phenomenal 10-day battery life."

Anthropologie 10-Piece Tonal Hair Tie Set

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $10, anthropologie.com

When it comes to getting our hair out of our faces, a good hair tie is key, and associate editorial director Victoria Seaver says Anthropologie has the best ones. "I got sucked into buying this set as I was waiting in the checkout line and they're now my favorite hair ties for tossing my hair up in a ponytail or bun when out for a walk," she says. "While I love the color varieties and the price—10 hair ties for $10—what I love most is their snag-free elasticity. Unlike other hair ties, where two ends are glued together to create the band (which inevitably snaps at the most inconvenient time) the infinity style means they'll never break."

Supergoop Glow Stick SPF 50 Sunscreen

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $26 at supergoop.com

Another essential Little swears by is this SPF 50 sunscreen stick from Supergoop. She pops it right into that same Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag DeAngelis also loves. "Since it's a stick, I don't have to worry about my hands getting messy. Just swipe and go!"

Brooks Ghost 14 Sneaker

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $99.95 (was $140), zappos.com

"I love my Brooks sneakers," says Seaver. She owns both the Ghost 14, along with the Anthem 4. "They're super comfortable and come in fun colors. Plus, I like how I can often find on-sale options. With how much I walk, I buy a new pair of sneakers at least twice a year, so affordability is important to me."

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Short-Sleeve Shirt 2.0

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $68, shop.lululemon.com

And as far as clothes go, there are tons of pieces Seaver also wears on her walks. This Lululemon short-sleeve shirt is one of them. "I held off on Lululemon for years—some of its stuff feels so expensive," she says. But, this shirt shimmied its way into her collection as the only shirt she'll work out in. "It's durable, has a super-comfortable fit, is breathable and comes in a lot of fun colors. Hot tip (and maybe TMI) but I often pick the darker colors, which hide sweat stains better." Seavers also loves a few other picks from Lululemon: The Track That Mid-Rise Short for all activities, and the Align High-Rise Joggers for cooler days.

Patagonia Capilene Midweight Crew Shirt

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $79, rei.com

"If it's a little chilly when I head out for my walk, I like to grab this Patagonia Capilene Midweight Crew Shirt to throw over my t-shirt," Seaver says. "It provides just the right amount of warmth I need when walking in the spring, summer and fall. I often tie it around my waist once I start heating up, so I love how lightweight it is. Bonus: it doubles as a great base layer for winter walking and other cold-weather activities."

REI Active Pursuits Cap

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $29.95 at rei.com

Seavers also reiterates that it's key for her to get a little sun protection with sunscreen and a cute hat. This REI option is her top pick. It's breathable and moisture wicking, so it's perfect for sunny hikes or even days where you want to throw some running into the mix.

Apple Watch SE

Editor-Loved Walking Items

To buy: $239.99 at amazon.com

Seaver also recommends having a tracking option too, saying that Apple watches might be worth the hype after all. "I never thought I'd be an Apple Watch kind of person but I love mine. Having one means I can leave my bulky phone at home yet track my exercise, listen to music or a podcast (when paired with my AirPod pros) and even phone a friend as I take my daily stroll. And of course, it's super convenient in daily life, outside of my walks, too."

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

To buy: $229 (was $249) at amazon.com

You'll also ideally want to pair it with a good set of bluetooth earbuds for easy, clutter free walking. "I like that you can adjust the noise-canceling level—I turn it off when I walk, so I can still hear cars and other folks around me, and then turn it all the way up when I need to tune out noise at the office—or home," Seavers says about her AirPods.

Dr. Loretta Universal Glow Daily Defense Mineral SPF 40 Sunscreen

Editor-Loved Walking Items
Dr Loretta

To buy: $60 at drloretta.com

Macdonald also loves to protect her skin with sunscreen, and she can't get enough of this one from Dr. Loretta. "Putting on sunscreen can feel like such a hassle, especially when I'm just going on a walk around the neighborhood with my dog," she says, adding, "But I don't mind so much now that I've been trying this new full-mineral sunscreen from dermatologist-founded skincare brand Dr. Loretta. I love that it gives my skin full protection from UVA and UVB light and that the lightweight-yet-silky formula quickly absorbs into my skin without any streaks."

The North Face Antora Jacket

Editor-Loved Walking Items
The North Face

To buy: $110 at thenorthface.com

Walks are nearly a year-round activity for me (aside from peak wintertime), and finding the right jacket to take along with me felt like a struggle until I splurged on this jacket years ago. It's lightweight, and keeps the right amount of body heat in, whether I'm walking in late fall or late spring. It's also waterproof and has a hood, so I always take it with me if I know there's a slight chance of a drizzle. There are two big zipper pockets in mine that are big enough to carry most essentials, too. It's the perfect walking jacket, trust me on it.

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