I Never Owned a Nonstick Pan, but This One Now Has a Permanent Spot in My Kitchen

I fell in love with my 11-inch Ceramic-Coated Everyday Pan from the new EatingWell cookware line—here’s why. And be sure to tune in to our live demo of the pan on HSN on Friday, March 31 at 2 p.m. EDT.

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a photo of the EatingWell Every Day Pan set
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I have to admit that I've never owned a nonstick pan before now. Though I love to cook and make most of our family's meals at home, I live in an apartment with limited space, so I need to be choosy about the cookware I bring into the kitchen. It needs to bring value and be a workhorse.

Nonstick pans always seemed a little too high-maintenance for my needs. You can't use metal utensils with them or cook on high heat. You need to replace them if they get scratched. Not to mention, concerns about chemicals from the nonstick coating potentially leaching into my food were always in the back of my mind, as a parent of two young kids.

So when we started working on the launch of EatingWell's new cookware line, I was a bit skeptical at first. But the cookware in this line is different from the nonstick pans of years past: it features a new sol-gel ceramic coating that is made without using PFAS (chemicals that can leach into food and are associated with certain negative health effects). Not only are these pans nontoxic, but they are super durable too. The pans can be used at high temperatures, are compatible with any cooktop, including gas, electric and induction, and are oven-safe up to 450°F (lids up to 350°F).

When we got samples of the products, I took an Everyday Pan home with me to test it out. It was love at first fry! I was shocked—literally shocked—at how well it cooked and browned delicate proteins like tofu and fish—without them sticking or falling apart. Not to mention, the pan was just as easy (and thus enjoyable) to wash as it was to cook in. I made egg sandwiches on a Saturday morning and for the first time didn't have to spend my cherished weekend downtime scrubbing cooked egg off my pan. It just wiped right off.

I strongly believe that having the right tools can make or break your cooking experience. If the cookware you have is not the right one for the job or is hard to clean, then the cooking won't be enjoyable either. The cookware also needs to look good and feel good in your hands. The Everyday Pan I have at home is a beautiful neutral cream color that goes well with the other colors in my kitchen (it also comes in blue and sage green). The glass lid has a sturdy stainless-steel handle that fits perfectly in my hand, even when I'm using a bulky oven mitt.

Our new cookware line also includes a full 8-piece cookware set and knife set, but what I really love about the Everyday Pan is that, if you're short on space like I am, this is one pan that can do everything. It can replace your go-to skillet and, because of its deep sides, it can also be used as a saucepan. I made one-pot pasta in this pan, and it came out great. You can also use it to steam veggies, proteins and more with the steamer insert that's included.

Did I mention that this pan is super easy to clean? The pan is dishwasher-safe, though hand-washing is recommended. I've been hand-washing my Everyday Pan, and it couldn't be easier—no scrubbing necessary and it often just needs a quick wipe with a non-abrasive cloth.

Yes, I'm probably biased. This is an EatingWell pan, after all. But I would not be sharing this love letter to my new favorite nonstick pan if I didn't actually mean it.

EatingWell's new cookware collection is designed to make healthy cooking easier, and to make delicious dishes taste even better. The Everyday Pan will save you kitchen space and time, since it's so easy to clean. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

a photo of the EatingWell Every Day Pan set
Courtesy of Brand

Buy it: $99.95 on HSN.com

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