Drew Barrymore Launched a Spring Cleaning Collection, and Now I Can't Stop Cleaning My Kitchen

The scents are so good.

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a photo of Drew Barrymore with her Grove Co. collection
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Yesterday, I was cleaning my kitchen counter after a nice meal, staring at the lush blue-sky, green-leaf and ocean-wave-filled view from my windows. And then I opened my eyes, and I was back in New Jersey.

That is the power of smells—they can completely transport you somewhere, especially if they trigger a memory. And that's exactly what Drew Barrymore's new line with Grove Collaborative did for me. Now, I look at cleaning my kitchen as less of a chore—in fact, I almost enjoy doing it.

Barrymore, the brand's global sustainability advocate, came out with two limited-edition scents for spring in her custom-designed Fresh Horizons collection that launched earlier this month. The two new scents span Grove Collaborative's already established bestsellers, like dish soap, multipurpose cleaner and hand wash.

The brand sent over a few products to test, and after using them for the past couple of weeks, I can't get enough of the refreshing smells.

Grove Co. and Drew Barrymore Collaboration

Grove is known for its efforts in sustainable home options, and all of the products in the collection are recyclable, plastic-free, refillable or reusable. According to the brand, they're also formulated without ingredients like parabens, phthalates, phosphates, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes, ammonia and chlorine bleach, are fragranced without synthetics, and are cruelty-free, which may be important to you. It's worth noting that recent studies have called out that both conventional and green cleaning products likely contain elevated chemical levels. So, it's best to be careful regardless of what you're using.

The brand is also a Certified B Corporation, and many products have a USDA Biobased Certified Product label. That means that the percentage marked on the label is the amount of ingredients used that come from plants and other "renewable agricultural, marine and forestry materials," according to the USDA.

The two scents to choose from are palm leaf mist and island orchid. Inspired by the smell of a tropical rainfall, palm leaf mist evokes a green, citrusy freshness and a hint of florals. Island orchid is focused on blooming orchids and frangipani, along with fresh island leaves.

When testing them, both of these scents transported me back to tropical vacations of my past. Beyond their refreshing smell, though, I was surprised to find that they work well too.

GROVE CO. Multi-Purpose Cleaners + Reusable Spray Bottle Set - Fresh Horizons
Grove Co.

To buy: $20.49, Grove Collaborative

I tend to use the multipurpose cleaner the most, which comes in a concentrate. You fill their reusable glass spray bottle with water, then add the cleaner to it and shake it up. It comes with two concentrate bottles, which fill a standard 16-ounce bottle. The concentrate bottles are recyclable, and you can subscribe to get them (and all of the other products) on a repeat basis so you never run out.

I view this cleaner as an everyday option, since its primary function is to cut through grease. It's my go-to for wiping up surfaces after I've made a salad, prepped veggies, sauces, dressings and even after I've baked. It's also great for cleaning my stainless-steel stovetop between uses. I grab it way more often than my conventional spray just to have the opportunity to enjoy the smell. But beyond just smelling nice, I was pleased to find that it actually does cut grease and it makes the countertops in my kitchen look shiny.

GROVE CO. Candle - Fresh Horizons
Grove Co.

To buy: $9.99, Grove Collaborative

I was excited to see that Barrymore's line also included a candle. Like the multipurpose cleaner, this candle also came in the bright, zesty palm leaf mist scent. It's a mellow, one-wick soy wax blend candle, so I found it perfect for nighttime when I don't want an overly pungent scent.

GROVE CO. Ultimate Dish Soap + Bubble Up Dish Soap Dispenser & Brush Set - Fresh Horizons
Grove Co.

To buy: $18.99, Grove Collaborative

I also received dish soap in the same scent, and it works to clean away debris and stuck-on bits. The set I have came with a reusable brush and dispenser, which is perfect for getting tougher bits of food from skillets and casserole dishes. The design is super convenient—you just pop a bit of soap in the small dish, top it with the spring insert, and then use the brush to push down to load up the brush with soap. It also means my soapy hands don't get all over my regular bottle of dish soap.

ROVE CO. Swedish Dishcloths - Fresh Horizons
Grove Co.

To buy: $9.99, Grove Collaborative

While I love the dish brush for most things, it's a little too bristly to use on some of my more delicate pieces of cookware, which is why I'm glad I also had the Swedish dishcloths to try. I use these in lieu of a sponge for a light scrub. Think coated pots, pans, trays and other cookware. The cloths absorb a massive amount of water and are easy to wring out, clean and reuse. I don't know if they'll completely replace my sponges, but they're nice to have on hand as a more sustainable option.

GROVE CO. Hydrating Hand Soap + Reusable Hand Soap Dispenser Set - Fresh Horizons
Grove Co.

To buy: $17.49, Grove Collaborative

All the items have custom-designed prints that Barrymore crafted herself. They're bright, fresh and tropical, with pops of turquoise, soft warm pinks, punchy yellows and white.

The hand soap bottle is no exception—it's bright white, with a yellow bottom and a little "Drew" signature. I filled it with the island orchid hand soap, which also smells lovely, though I prefer the palm leaf mist fragrance overall.

One of my only gripes with the cleaning products is that none are antibacterial, so they don't fully replace all the cleaning supplies I own. I've been loving them for everyday use, and for jobs where I'm not necessarily in need of sanitizing. I think they're a great choice to cut down on single-use cleaners and bottles if it's something you're concerned about, though sanitizing from time to time is well worth it. They're also on the expensive side compared to conventional cleaning products, but might be worth it if your values align with the brand. You can also find other home-related items, like laundry detergent sheets, in the collection.

No matter what you pick up (although in my opinion, you should definitely grab the multi-cleaner spray in palm leaf mist), you can confidently clean, wipe or perfume your room with tropical-style ease thanks to this collection. Grab some items before they're gone for good—I know I will!

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