I'll Never Trade in My Beloved $16 Water Bottle for a Stanley—Here's Why

My CamelBak bottle is superior. 

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I'm a water bottle connoisseur, and so I've tried all the reusable water bottles, from HydroFlask to Swell to Stanley, in order to find the best one. Though many work well and there's nothing inherently wrong with any of them, there's one I find myself returning to every time.

It all boils down to the fact that I really just want something to work for me without any fuss, whether I'm commuting to the office, traveling to the beach or going to the gym. And nothing has touched the sheer ease and convenience of my $16 CamelBak Chute Bottle.

CamelBak Chute Mag BPA Free Water Bottle with Tritan Renew

To buy: $16, amazon.com

It might be a controversial opinion, but I prefer room-temperature water, and stainless-steel bottles often kept the drinks too cold for me. And when the water did lose its chill in those bottles, it sometimes left a metallic taste.

Since the CamelBak bottle is made with BPA-free plastic (added bonus: it's part of the Tritan Renew line, which replaces 50% of the material with recycled plastic), I can count on my water staying at the right temperature with a fresh taste all day long.

Though it looks simple, the CamelBak bottle has a really thoughtful design. I like that it's clear because it's easy to see how much water I have left. I love the spout that this model comes with—it's big enough to get quick gulps of water during a workout, but not so big that water splashes down my face and neck when I try to take a sip in the office. And, there's a magnet that keeps the spout's lid down, so when you tilt it to sip, it won't whack you in the nose.

The bottle is completely leakproof once you fully close the lid and spout, which is key since I tend to throw it in my bag for virtually every activity. The plastic keeps it lightweight, but it's durable enough that I know it'll last for ages. I've already had it for two years, and it still feels new despite banging it on tables and dropping it on hard tile floors. I also find myself worrying less about being so careful with it than when I used stainless-steel bottles. It doesn't dent when you drop it, and the color doesn't chip off over time.

Speaking of colors, it comes in a ton. I own the mossy green, but you can also grab it in options like clear, poppy lavender, sunny orange, coastal blue or a muted rose. They all have a black lid, and the tether that attaches to the lid and spout corresponds with the color of your bottle to boost the overall look and design. I find the 25-ounce size versatile enough for any need and easily refillable if I need to, but you can grab it in smaller or larger sizes, too. Though bottles can often be a pain to clean, this one is a breeze, especially since the mouth has a wide opening and the spout is easily accessible with a sponge or scrub brush.

It's the longest-standing relationship I've ever had with a reusable bottle. It's gone everywhere with me, from the beaches and parks in my state, to offices and friends' apartments in New York City and back home to my bedside table. Once you grab one of your own, you'll likely want to take it everywhere with you, too.

At the time of publishing, the price was $16.

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