I'm a Shopping Editor, and My Favorite Staub Cast Iron Skillet Is 50% Off Right Now

I use it for everything.

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A cast iron skillet is essential in the kitchen. Their heat-holding capabilities are tough to beat, and so is their versatility. I use them on the stovetop for frying up crispy falafel one day, then use it in the oven for my favorite fruit-ladened biscuits the next.

That's why this Staub skillet became a coveted piece for me after receiving a sample from the brand a few months ago. I use this skillet to make everything from this dutch baby for breakfast to this skillet salmon with couscous for dinner, and its thoughtful design helps me do it all with ease. The biggest perk of all, however, is that right now you can pick it up on sale up to 50 percent off.

Staub 11-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

Staub Cast Iron 11-inch Skillet

What makes this skillet special is that it's made from enameled cast iron, similar to a Dutch oven. That means it's got a convenient nonstick coating that doesn't require seasoning after every use, so you can use this pan everyday without worrying about all of the typical aftercare steps. I plan to oil it once a year or so just for optimal use, which is far less than I'd need to in a traditional skillet without a coating.

I still wash it carefully by letting it cool, then gently scrub with dish soap and warm water. Thanks to the coating though, most bits come off with little to no elbow grease.

And, it's 11-inches in diameter, which is the perfect size to take on a ton of different dishes, but not so big that it's hard to maneuver or store.

I use it to cook salmon, tempeh and vegetables like string beans and always get a perfectly golden-brown sear. It's also great for baking because it handles and distributes heat so well. Whether it's sweet cinnamon rolls, a giant skillet cookie, seasonal fruit cobblers, casseroles or other skillet dinners like shakshuka, this pan is up for the task.

This pan has sides that come up fairly high, making it perfect not just for layered dishes like this chicken enchilada casserole, but also for shallow frying with minimal oil splatter. And it even has spouts on the side to help you drain off the oil safely.

Aside from all of its unique perks, you'll get the classic sturdy handle most skillets have, with another small handle across from it to grab as you transfer or remove it from the oven. The base is enameled too, which means it's suitable for all types of cooktops, and it can go into the oven up to 500°F.

Score the black one, which I have, for the lowest price at $180, or grab other colors like the blueberry blue, deep grenadine red or graphite grey on sale.

Regardless of what color you choose, though, it'll likely become your newest kitchen go-to, ready to churn out some of your tastiest dishes.

At the time of publishing, the price was at $179.99.

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