Ree Drummond Just Overhauled Her Pantry—Here's How to Recreate the Look for Yourself

You can find most of her containers and accessories at Target and Walmart!

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Ree Drummond
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Big cleaning projects don't have to be relegated to spring-cleaning season, and Ree Drummond just gave us major inspiration for a big pre-fall kitchen makeover. The Pioneer Woman star took to Instagram this week to share the results of her pantry clean-out, and we've tracked down just about everything Drummond uses to transform her pantry into something picture-perfect.

Of course, to truly mimic Drummond's process, you'll need to knock some items off the to-do list first. Go through your kitchen storage and pull items off of shelves, discarding expired food as you go. If you keep underused appliances or cookware on your open shelves, you might even want to give them a good dusting or a quick wash. Be sure to wipe down your shelves thoroughly—it may even be time to replace your contact paper—and think about what you like and don't like about your pantry organization.

Maybe you could move some of the things you use most down a few shelves, so they're easier to reach. Or it could be helpful to leave a favorite item, like a heavy Dutch oven, on your stove for quick access. Once your shelves are clear and clean and you have an organizational game plan in mind, you're ready to go.

64oz Glass Jar and Lid - Threshold™

threshold jar

Drummond starts with transferring some of her bulkiest baking ingredients, like flour and sugar, into large glass containers that can keep critters at bay (and help you keep an eye on the amount of baking staples you have on hand). Something like this Threshold 64-ounce jar from Target (buy it: $6, comes pretty close to what she shows off in the video. While you're scoping out the aisles at Target, you can also pick up the smaller jars that Drummond uses for items like pecans, chocolate chips and powdered sugar. An option like this Threshold glass jar with a wooden lid (buy it: $10, is a little more expensive, but the tight-fitting lid, clean look and stackability make it perfect for preserving ingredients in small spaces.

10 Inch 2-Tier Bamboo Kitchen Countertop Cabinet Rotating Condiments Organizer


To store smaller items without them getting lost in the shuffle, Drummond uses a few two-tiered Lazy Susans that make it easy to access little bottles of vanilla and small cans of baking powder. There are comparable versions available from Amazon (buy it: $16, and Home Depot (buy it: $14,, so you can find one that works for you. Piled on top of those turntables, you'll also notice some of Drummond's own branded kitchen items, like this Pioneer Woman measuring cup (buy it: $11,

The Pioneer Woman 10-Piece Melamine Mixing Bowl Set, Fancy Flourish

colorful mixing bowls

In fact, Drummond's pantry is chock-full of Pioneer Woman items from her line at Walmart. There are plenty of melamine mixing bowls with clear lids (buy it: $30,, a stoneware dinner set (buy it: $54, and even a hefty enameled cast-iron pot (buy it: $46, Most of the dishes Drummond has on hand seem to be from her Corelle line at Walmart, so you can peruse all kinds of options to mimic her look.

Outside of classic baking essentials, Drummond's pantry tour reveals some other groceries that are staples in the Drummond house. You'll find lots of wine (and a little liquor) in her lower drawers, including a bottle of Veuve Clicquot for a special occasion. There's also a bounty of Topo Chico bottles that are ready for sipping or to use in a quick cocktail. She also keeps plenty of P.W. Coffee on hand—yep, the Pioneer Woman even has her own coffee. You can snag all three blends from her online shop.

Whatever tips and tricks you steal from Ree's latest helpful post, giving your kitchen a deep-clean is sure to leave you feeling put-together and ready for a new season. It may take a little elbow grease, but with a long weekend up ahead, there's no time like the present to get things tidy.

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