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The 7 Best Items to Buy During Le Creuset's Presidents' Day Sale

Save up to $140 on heirloom-worthy cast-iron pieces.
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Whether you're in the market for a sturdy Dutch oven for making cozy stews or a sizzling grill pan for searing steaks, the allure of long-lasting cast iron is hard to resist. And when it comes to the highest quality products, Le Creuset is a name you can plan on hearing over and over again. 

Le Creuset cookware wins top spots on many of the EatingWell Test Kitchen's product tests, including their survey of the best grill pans, the best cast-iron skillets and the best Dutch ovens. (Our Test Kitchen called the Le Creuset pot "heirloom-worthy," in case you were wondering.) And we haven't even mentioned just how glamorous Le Creuset products always look—the company covers its cast iron in bright shades of enamel, so you're bound to find a color that suits your kitchen.

If you plan on feeding a big crowd, something like Le Creuset's 8-Quart Oval Dutch Oven (buy it: $300, was $440 on Le Creuset) is a beautiful option. It's safe to use in the oven, on the stovetop or on your table, so you can make it your go-to piece of kitchenware for cooking and serving. For smaller crowds, the 3.5-quart Sauteuse (buy it: $180, was $300, Le Creuset) is perfect for whipping up servings for three or four people at a time. 

And for stovetop-exclusive gear, the Le Creuset square grill and griddle are both marked down to $110. One reviewer writes that the griddle pan is "beautiful" and incredibly well-coated for easy cleanup. "I anticipate that I will get a lot of use out of this," the reviewer says.

No matter what your kitchen is missing, you'll find something to tempt you in Le Creuset's latest sale. 

The 7 Best Deals from Le Creuset's President's Day Sale

Credit: Le Creuset

Buy it: 8-Quart Oval Dutch Oven in Flame, $300, was $440 on

Credit: Le Creuset

Buy it: Sauteuse in Indigo, $180, was $300 on

Buy it: 5-Piece Signature Set in Cerise, $550, was $780 on

Buy it: Mini Round Cocotte in Sea Salt, $20 was $31 on

Credit: Le Creuset

Buy it: Square Grill in Fig, $110, was $168 on

Buy it: Square Griddle in Artichaut, $110, was $168 on

Buy it: Salt and Pepper Mill Set in Marseille, $110, was $168 on