I Hate Wrapping Holiday Gifts—So I'm Buying This Handy Tool to Make It Easier

And it’s available on Amazon for $15.

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The Original Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter on a designed background
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I'm a pretty lousy gift-wrapper—I end up with jagged edges and *way* overestimate how much paper I actually need to wrap a box. So I've spent the last month or so looking for ways to improve my skills before gift-wrapping season hits. I've picked up a few tips, mostly from some gift-wrapping Instagram users, like @lenniamc. But I think the biggest game changer in my back pocket is the Elf Aid gift wrap cutter.

I first saw the Elf Aid on TikTok, and I was immediately obsessed. The cutter is a C-shaped, sturdy plastic cuff with a sharp blade. (Don't worry—there's also a little guardrail of plastic to keep you safe.) The cuff is sized to fit a standard roll of gift wrap, so you can attach the Little Elf, roll out the amount of paper you need, then slide the cuff up or down to slice the paper, no snagging scissors necessary.

I am not exaggerating when I say I have been checking Amazon every day for nearly a month, waiting for these helpful holiday tools to come back in stock. Now they're back, and I'm excited to finally get my hands on one. Reviewers say the Elf Aid, which comes in a pack of two for $15, is a dream come true, since it cuts down on wrapping time. "The Little Elf actually cut my Christmas gift wrapping time by two-thirds," one reviewer writes. "It took me a couple of times to get the hang of how to use the Elf, but once I had it, it was simple. The cut is nice and clean, unlike what I was getting by using scissors."

green gift wrap cutters in cellophane bag

Buy it: The Original Little ELF Gift Wrap Cutter, Pack of Two, $15; amazon.com

Other reviewers have been using the cutter since it debuted on Shark Tank a few years ago. "I wish I had ordered this before Christmas," another review reads. "After seeing it on Shark Tank, I decided it was worth checking out. It slides on a roll of wrapping paper and zips right to the other end."

The two-pack of cutters worked out perfectly for many reviewers—whether you're wrapping gifts with a partner or looking for stocking stuffer anyone will appreciate, you'll be able to find a use for the spare. In either case, this buy should arrive well before Christmas if you order now, especially if you have an Amazon Prime account.

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