This Seaweed-Infused Body Oil Has Made My Dry Skin Glowy and Soft

I’ve tried every lotion and potion for dry skin, but this one takes the cake.

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I'm cursed with dry, lizard-like skin in the winter. I grew up in South Florida where the humidity consistently hovered around 70% and temps never dropped below 70℉, and I joke that my skin got used to these ideal conditions. Now that I live in Alabama where there are *actual* winters, my skin rebels and turns into something resembling a prehistoric animal. This is tough for someone who loves skin care as much as I do, but thankfully I've found a few things that work (exfoliating once a week, slathering on Bum Bum Cream, using this lip mask and drinking lots of water). Recently, I discovered another product that's already earned a permanent place in my bathroom cabinet: Osea's Undaria Algae Oil.

Undaria Algae Body Oil, 5 Ounces

Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil

This seaweed-infused body oil is studded with moisturizing ingredients. It's packed with six different oils: sunflower, acai pulp, babassu seed, rice bran, passion fruit seed and sesame. You'd think with all of these rich oils on the ingredient list, this product would feel greasy, but it's actually the opposite—though it's rich, it absorbs into my skin almost instantly and leaves a beautiful glow. Plus, it smells incredible, thanks to the fragrant grapefruit, lime and cypress oils in the mix. (The smell is subtle, but reminds me of a spa at a high-end beach resort.)

I previously mentioned this oil in a story about self-care gifts under $100, but I think it deserves another shout out since I use it every single day. I've also tried Osea's Essential Hydrating Oil on my face, and it's just as yummy as the body oil. I love to use it for facial massage or de-puffing in the morning with my Kaire tool. Though these products are a little pricey (the body oil is $48 and the facial oil is $68), they work really well and I've noticed a serious difference in my skin texture after just a few weeks of use. I can honestly say they're worth every penny, and if you have dry skin, you need both of these products in your beauty arsenal. Give Osea's body and facial oils a try—you and your skin can thank me later.

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