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The Royal Family's Florists Just Shared Their Method for Making a Beautiful Holiday Wreath—and It's a Perfect Weekend Project

This tutorial will add some serious holiday cheer to your front door.
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If you love to decorate for the holidays, there's a good chance you've already decked the halls in your own home. But if you're looking for a festive homemade touch to bring everything together, you can't go wrong with a beautiful holiday wreath. Whether you prefer the kind of simple berry wreath Joanna Gaines decorates her home with or something a little more old fashioned, there's always some kind of bough for you. 

And while you could always buy a premade wreath at your local store, making one yourself will ensure that the greenery is exactly how you want it. Plus, the florists for the royal family have just shared their method for filling out the prettiest wreaths, so you can end up with door decor to rival royalty. 

You'll want to get all your supplies together before you attempt this customizable project. The florists start with a donut-shaped wreath ring, like these from Amazon. Find the size that will work best for your door, or pick up a few rings for a little wreath-making party with friends or family. You'll also want to stock up on some green wire (also called floral wire) to discreetly hold all of your greenery together. The florists in the Instagram video recommend two types: a spool of thin wire to secure your first layer of green, like this set of three, plus some thicker wire to tie together bundles of holly, ivy and whatever else you choose for your wreaths—this pack of wire should do the trick.

For your first wreath layer, pick up some basic moss to secure to the wreath ring. You can find moss at your local craft store, or try a few bags from Amazon, like this Spanish moss (buy it: $4, Amazon). Wrap the start of your thin wire around the wreath ring, then shape clumps of the moss into little sausage-like shapes. You'll attach them to your wreath ring with the thin wire, so they're nice and secure. This base layer will make it so your wreath appears full and green, even if there are some bald spots on the second layer. 

For texture, pick out some leafy greens for the second tier, like sprigs of holly, ivy or fir. You could try these mixed pine and holly sprigs (buy it: $13, Amazon) for variety, or design everything to your taste by picking up the basics. This pack of artificial pine needles (buy it: $18, Amazon) will add a little Christmas tree look to your wreath, while these pine cones (buy it: $10, Amazon) will add a rustic look. Or you could try this assortment of berries, pine cones and fir (buy it: $13, Amazon) for a little bit of everything.

The royal florists recommend using your thicker floral wire to tie off bundles of fir, holly or whatever else you add to the mix, then adding the sprigs in overlapping layers with thinner wire. Once your wreath is full of fluffy foliage, the florists recommend adding finishing touches like cinnamon sticks—Williams Sonoma offers especially long ones that are fit for decoration or mulling in cider, and Target offers a smaller pack at a more affordable price—plus pine cones, dried fruit and holiday-themed ribbon for bunting or affixing a bow. You're sure to find a spool of ribbon to fit your aesthetic this time of year, whether it's classic plaid (buy it: $5, Target) or something a little flashier (buy it: $6, Target). For the final touch, you'll want to add a bit of string, like this twine (buy it: $3, Target), to hold up your wreath on the door hook of your choice. 

With supplies in hand that you love, you'll end up with the kind of wreath that matches your personality. And you've still got quite a few weeks to enjoy your handiwork before Christmas decor comes down. (From personal experience, I'd also recommend this wreath box (buy it: $11, Target) to keep your decor safe and sound during the off season.)

Just be sure to invite your holiday-loving friends along for this wreath-making adventure—everyone's sure to walk away with something they're proud to hang on their front door.