Drew Barrymore sitting on a kitchen counter next to her new line of kitchen products
Credit: Beautiful Kitchenware

Drew Barrymore Just Released 3 New Kitchen Items—and They'd Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

It’s the most wonderful time to upgrade your kitchen appliances.
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Drew Barrymore has a full schedule. She's an actress, talk show host, the owner of a production company, a mom of two and more. And earlier this year, Barrymore added designer to the list when she launched Beautiful Kitchenware, a collection of, well, beautiful kitchen items. The initial collection included gorgeous items, from a toaster to a blender, and is now expanding with the release of three new products—just in time for holiday shopping.

The new items, which include a 9-quart air fryer and a 8-quart slow cooker, are the perfect additions to the Beautiful Kitchenware line. EatingWell was lucky to learn about the products from Barrymore herself—read on to check out the new items.

Just in time for cozy slow-cooker dinners, the new slow cooker is perfect for making soups, roasts and more. With a capacity of 8 quarts, there's plenty of room to make a meal for the whole family. Like the other items in the line, the slow cooker has a sleek, stylish design that would look beautiful on any countertop. In fact, that was one of Barrymore's goals when creating the line: to craft pieces that people would want to proudly display.

Beautiful 8-Quart Slow Cooker
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In addition to the exterior, the lid of the slow cooker was also designed with intention. The lid features a rest, which makes it easy to handle when you're serving. Plus, the interior ceramic insert is dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup. The slow cooker is currently available in three colors: black sesame, oyster grey and white icing.

With a capacity of 9 quarts, this new air fryer stands out for a few reasons. First, the basket features a divider so you can simultaneously cook two foods at two different temperatures. For example, you could make Air-Fryer Salmon on one side and Air-Fryer Brussels Sprouts on the other for a filling dinner. If your two foods have different cooking times, though, don't worry! You can sync the air fryer so the two sides finish cooking at the same time.

Beautiful 9-Quart TriZone Air Fryer
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As Barrymore pointed out, the divided basket is also handy when you're cooking for people with different dietary needs. If someone in your family follows a gluten-free diet, you can easily cook their meal on one side without any cross-contamination. And when you want to use the full 9-quart capacity, the divider is easy to remove (Barrymore even suggested making a whole bird in the air fryer—try our Air-Fryer Rotisserie Chicken).

In addition to the versatile basket, the air fryer doesn't require any preheating time (which is especially great when you're tired, hungry and want dinner quickly). And when you're done cooking, the crisping tray, basket and divider are all dishwasher-safe. Currently, the air fryer is available in two color options: sage and white icing. (If 9 quarts is too large for your needs, check out the smaller, 6-quart air fryer instead.)

Barrymore's new griddle is designed to work on the countertop, allowing you to save space on the stove for other items. Plus, if there are any kids who want to help in the kitchen, the griddle is safer as there's no open flame to worry about. Barrymore, who has two daughters, said the griddle would be perfect for making egg-in-a-hole, and you can have your kids help crack the eggs! You could also use the griddle for pancakes, bacon and other breakfast staples.

Beautiful 12" x 22" Extra Large Griddle
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With a surface measuring 12 inches by 22 inches, there's plenty of space to make breakfast for out-of-town guests. The griddle is currently available in sage green and features a removable drip tray and detachable stainless-steel backsplash so you can minimize any messes. When you're done cooking, the griddle stores easily thanks to its slim design.