This Nonstick Skillet is Literally the Only Skillet Use—and It's Currently on Sale for 36% Off

I never knew I could be so attached to a skillet! This Zwilling Ceramic Nonstick Skillet is the only skillet I use in my kitchen—and it's currently on sale for 36% off. Get one before they sell out!

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We already had a cabinet full of perfectly fine skillets when my husband, David, exclaimed we NEEDED this Zwilling Stainless Steel/Ceramic Nonstick Skillet. While we definitely didn't *need* it, he was set on buying it. I'm a firm believer that any skillet can be nonstick with the right amount of oil, so I still wasn't sold when he explained how much easier it'd be to sear a piece of delicate fish or clean up after a particularly messy meal. But I also didn't feel so strongly that I needed to argue my point further.

But soon after it arrived, the unbelievable came out of my mouth: "You were right, David." This skillet is a serious game-changer when it comes to effortless cooking, and now it's quite literally the only skillet I use in the kitchen. In fact, I'm ready to donate all my other skillets! Here's exactly what I love about it, plus why I think you should buy one for yourself (or a foodie-loving friend or family member), while it's on sale for just $99 (or 36% off).

Zwilling Spirit Ceramic Nonstick Skillet (14-inch)

zwilling ceramic nonstick skillet

1. The large skillet size means you can cook anything in it.

This 14-inch skillet is large enough to cook a full meal for four or more people, or can be used to effortlessly fry a single egg. I didn't know I needed such a large skillet until I started using this one. The larger size means there's plenty of room for sautéing, searing and frying—without overcrowding the pan. And the extra room means I'm less likely to spill things all over the stove as I stir. My 10- and 12-inch skillets feel so small now compared to this one.

2. It's nonstick coating is free of harmful materials and makes cooking easy.

The nonstick coating on this pan is a FDA-approved PTFE- and PFOA-free ceramic material. In 2002, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency started discouraging the use of these chemicals, based on evidence suggesting they may be toxic to humans. (Read more on this topic here.)

The ceramic coating is completely safe to use and super effective. While I still like to use my seasoned cast-iron skillet to cook things like steak or pork, the nonstick coating on this skillet makes it much easier to sear skin-on chicken thighs or get a crispy coating on a piece of salmon—without either falling apart from trying to release it from the pan. The food also requires less effort and attention, since I can trust that it won't stick to the pan.

The ceramic coating is also highly resistant to scratching, so you don't have to avoid metal utensils when using this pan.

3. Cleanup is a breeze.

The nonstick coating on this skillet not only makes it easier to cook with, but also makes it much easier to clean up afterwards. Unlike my regular skillets, I don't need to scrub this one with steel wool to remove stuck-on messes. The scrubber side of a regular sponge and some dish soap does the trick! This pan is also dishwasher-safe but I find that it's easy enough to clean in the sink. I like to save dishwasher space for harder-to-clean items.

4. You can cook with much less oil.

When using a regular frying pan, you need enough oil in the skillet to keep food from sticking—especially when it comes to delicate items that easily fall apart, like fish and other seafood. That hot oil can make a mess and cause burns when it spatters. But with this skillet, the ceramic nonstick coating does the hard work for you, meaning you need just a little oil to get the job done.

5. It's a high-quality skillet on sale for a fraction of the price.

Zwilling, which is the same company that also owns Staub, is a high-quality brand that makes durable, top-tier kitchen equipment. Their items are typically priced on the higher end, and while totally worth it, dropping $156 on a single skillet isn't realistic for everyone. That's why when I saw this insane deal, I had to share it with you all. $99 might still seem a little high to some, but for a Zwilling skillet, it's an absolute steal.

The Bottom Line

I'm not kidding when I say this is the only skillet I use in my kitchen. It's easy to cook with, even easier to clean and results in perfectly seared and sautéd foods every time I use it. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current skillet, or need a birthday or holiday gift idea for your food-loving friend or family member, you can't go wrong with this find. Snag it now while it's on sale!

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