I'm Buying These 3 Things to Make Thanksgiving Feel a Little Fancier—and They're All Under $20

Your guests will be so impressed with your hosting prowess. 

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Thanksgiving can be overwhelming—especially if you're the one doing the planning, prepping and cooking. As a host, it's your job to make sure the Turkey Day menu, wine selection and festive decorations are all up to snuff. And if you're anything like me, you want the experience to feel really special for your guests—without having to put in a whole lot of extra work. I'm not one to advocate for over-the-top flower arrangements or super-involved baking projects on Thanksgiving (seriously, who has the time?!). Instead, I'll be buying these three items—all of which are under $20—to upgrade my Thanksgiving table and wow my guests.

3 Things That Will Make Your Thanksgiving Feel Fancier

Decorative Pie Cutters

Full disclosure: I don't love to bake, so I will not be making a homemade pie crust this Thanksgiving. But to make my store-bought crust feel a little more special, I plan to use these pie punches to decorate my pumpkin and pecan pies this year. For $20, you get six festive shapes: a maple leaf, oak leaf, pumpkin, sunflower, pinecone and three-leaf design. Each stamp is designed to protect your fingers while still cutting with precision (because no one needs a trip to the hospital on Thanksgiving). You can layer the shapes on top of your pie or use the cutters to make cutout patterns on your pie's top crust. Bonus: These 2-inch stamps double as cookie cutters if that's more your speed.

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Williams Sonoma Fall Pie Punches & Impression Cookie Cutters, Set of 6

Williams Sonoma Fall Pie Punches & Impression Cookie Cutters, Set of 6
Williams Sonoma

Turkey Butter Mold

I am shamelessly stealing this genius idea from my coworker, Leah. Each Thanksgiving, she makes molds of compound butter, which seem like a fancy addition to your meal (but really only take a few minutes of prep). Essentially, compound butter is just softened butter with things like herbs, honey, spices or fruit zest mixed in to give it a little extra oomph and flavor. This year, I plan to make EatingWell's compound Garlic-Herb Butter in these adorable turkey molds. I love that they can be made a few days before Thanksgiving and stored in the fridge. I think these turkey-shaped compound butters will look so impressive on the table and complement Thanksgiving dishes perfectly (savory herb butters would be great with roasted veggies, while something like maple butter would be delicious on rolls or sweet potatoes).

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Thanksgiving Day Turkey Butter Mold

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Butter Mold
Etsy / Boost3DPrinting

Leftover Containers

I live in the south, where there's no greater hosting sin than not having enough food (and isn't the ultimate Turkey Day goal for guests to gobble until they wobble?!). Because of this, I end up making way too much food every Thanksgiving. Though I love having some Turkey Day leftovers to use in soups or sandwiches, I like to send some food home with guests so they can enjoy it too. Take some of the pressure off yourself and buy these disposable leftover containers. They look way more chic than mismatched plastic bins, and you won't have to worry about guests returning them. Plus, the set comes with 36 small (5"x7") Thanksgiving-themed containers that are perfect for keeping everything separate and fresh. Bonus: The aluminum can be reheated in the oven, so your guests won't have to use up any extra dishes!

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36 Count Thanksgiving Tin Foil Containers with Lid Covers

36 Count Thanksgiving Tin Foil Containers with Lid Covers

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