large white air fryer with a steak and potatoes in the two baskets on a large white kitchen counter
Credit: Target

Target Just Launched a Gorgeous New Kitchen Collection—and 5% of the Proceeds Go to Fighting Food Insecurity

A few of these picks would make perfect holiday gifts.
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Target continues to be a place where you can buy just about anything, from Joanna Gaines' chic holiday home decor to all of the pumpkin spice Starbucks products your heart desires. Now the store is launching a new brand of gorgeous red and white appliances for your kitchen, and they start at $45.

The CRUXGG drop is exclusive to Target, and it links up the Bronx-based food collective Ghetto Gastro and the kitchen appliance brand Crux for a whole bunch of seriously photogenic kitchenware. When Crux released a version of the waffle maker in this collection last year, it sold out in 48 hours. While the brand has been available at Williams Sonoma, this Target collection makes the appliances much more affordable. (The Williams Sonoma version of the waffle maker retails for $150—at Target, you can pick up a simplified version for $50.)

The collection also includes a minimalist 14-cup drip coffee maker (buy it: $50, Target) that can be paused mid-brew for those days when you just can't wait for your morning cup. It also comes with a reusable filter, so you can kick filters off your grocery list. There's a smokeless grill and griddle combo (buy it: $100, Target) that would be fit for even the smallest of kitchens. And if you're in the market for an air fryer, there are a few different ones to choose from, starting with the classic 6-quart fryer (buy it: $100, Target) that's already racked up some five-star reviews. 

Buy it: CRUXGG FLEX 9QT Flex Basket Air Fryer in Snow, $170;

If you're feeding a crowd—or just looking for a way to air fry more than one dish at a time— there's the 9-quart version (buy it: $170, Target), which can fit in two separate baskets or one large basket. The dual baskets would make concurrent cooking a breeze, especially on game days or holidays like Thanksgiving (we'd love to cook two sides, like asparagus and Brussels sprouts, at the same time). You can assign different cooking temperatures and timers to the different sides, so there's no need to reconfigure all of your favorite recipes. The larger basket is perfect for batch cooking or recipes like a rotisserie chicken.

The collection also includes a toaster oven with air-frying capabilities (buy it: $180, Target), which one reviewer says "literally does it all." The little oven can toast, bake and air fry, and it even has a convection setting. And there's an added bonus: 5% of all proceeds from the CRUXGG line are donated to food insecurity charities, like Project Eats, Sky High Farm and Culture Aid NOLA, that work to distribute fresh, healthy food to surrounding communities. 

Buy it: CRUXGG ALN1 6-Slice Toaster Oven with Air Fry in Smoke, $180;

Shop the full collection on Target's website to see the full range of colors and products available.