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Stasher Bags Are Up to 40% off at Macy's Right Now—Here's What Our Editors Are Buying

Some bags are 40% off!
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If there's one thing we know we can expect from fall, it's the treasure trove of Thanksgiving leftovers. Whether your fridge is stuffed with sliced turkey for Black Friday sandwiches or fluffy piles of garlicky mashed potatoes, you'll likely have delicious food to last you a few days. You could pile the leftovers into disposable bags and single-use takeout containers—or you could invest in some of our favorite food storage containers. As luck would have it, the reusable bag brand that our editors are obsessed with is having a huge sale right now, so you can buy the best silicone food storage containers at nearly half the price. 

Macy's just dropped prices on 16 Stasher products, from generous half-gallon bags to petite snack containers. All Stasher products are safe to use in the oven and microwave, and they can even be washed in the upper or lower racks of your dishwasher—so you can heat up your leftovers in a pinch and get everything cleaned up in no time. (You can even use them for sous-vide cooking!) Here's the rundown of what's on sale:

Our Deputy Digital Editor, Victoria Seaver, also loves the Stasher bags for meal prep, storing fresh produce and packing lunch boxes. Seaver even says one of the first Stasher bags she bought is still like new even after years of heavy use. "Honestly, it's like they're indestructible," Seaver wrote in her review of the bags.

Stasher Stasherbag Reusable Half-Gallon Bag
Credit: Macy's

Buy it: Stasher Reusable Half-Gallon Bag, from $20, was $37; macys.com

For steaming, storing and even trying out sous vide, you might want to try the half-gallon size (buy it: $20, Macy's), which can hold steaks, bunches of veggies or your pre-prepared smoothie ingredients. You can even write out labels and dates directly onto the bag, so you can stay on top of food safety in the kitchen. 

There are also snack-, sandwich- and mini-sized bags for all of your individual packing needs. Reviewers love the reusable sandwich bags (buy it: $12, Macy's) for storing herbs, keeping produce fresh and toting snacks to the office. 

Whether your priority is eliminating plastic waste at home or keeping your food fresh, these Stasher bags have your back. Shop every bag on sale at macys.com.

Stasher Reusable Sandwich Bag
Credit: Macy's

Buy it: Stasher Ombre Reusable Sandwich Bag, now $12, was $20; macys.com

Stasher Stand-Up Stasherbag
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Buy it: Stasher Stand-Up Stasherbag, now $20, was $37; macys.com

Stasher Reusable Stand-Up Mega Bag
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Buy it: Stasher Reusable Stand-Up Mega Bag, now $30, was $50; macys.com

Stasher Mid-Size Stand-Up Food Storage Bag green
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Buy it: Stasher Mid-Size Stand-Up Food Storage Bag, now $22, was $37; macys.com

Stasher Stasherbag Reusable Snack Bag
Credit: Macy's

Buy it: Stasher Stasherbag Reusable Snack Bag, now $10, was $17; macys.com