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This $6 Limited-Edition Trader Joe's Find Is So Good, People Are Stocking Up for the Whole Year

It’s creamy, sweet and perfect for fall—and it has just one ingredient.
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Fall flavor isn't just limited to pumpkin—from this year's new Starbucks apple crisp macchiato to Joanna Gaines' recipe for autumnal pear bread, there are plenty of ways to add some seasonal spice to your day. (If you need a place to start, you could always try this list of our most popular apple desserts.) And if there's one place you're sure to find some tasty fall-flavored treats, snacks and drinks, it's definitely Trader Joe's.

Whether you're looking for a healthy, convenient breakfast for busy mornings or a fruity kombucha to give you a little lift, TJ's always has something seasonal to offer. That includes the store's Maple Butter, which is back in stores this fall and destined to sell out. The creamy, sweet condiment is made from just one ingredient—organic maple syrup—making it super versatile and decadent.

One Trader Joe's fan on Instagram gave the buttery topping a 10/10 rating, writing that they "cannot recommend more stocking up [on maple butter] for the whole year." Plenty of obsessed maple butter fans were quick to suggest their favorite ways for using the ingredient in the comments, from swirling it into their morning cup of coffee to slathering it onto baked sweet potatoes. If we had to guess, we'd say it would also be delicious spread onto our Easy Apple Pancakes or a slice of Apple-Pie Bread.

But for some Trader Joe's shoppers, maple butter is already flying off the shelves. Multiple commenters chimed in to say that their local TJ's is out of the autumn delicacy for good this year. The good news is that Trader Joe's doesn't have a monopoly on maple butter—you can pick up a jar of the fall sweet from quite a few different retailers. You can pick up two jars of Trader Joe's Maple Butter on Amazon (buy it: $28), if you're set on picking up some of the stuff fans call "absolutely yummy."

Williams Sonoma also carries a Whipped Maple Butter (buy it: $19, Williams Sonoma) that's available seasonally—and it's described as velvety, which has our mouths watering. For an even better buy, you could pick up a jar of Pure Vermont Maple Cream from a family-owned farm in Bouchard Valley (buy it: $17, Amazon). There's also the Vermont-based Barred Woods Maple, which suggests gifting their Pure Vermont Maple Cream (buy it: $13, Amazon) to friends and family during the holidays. If you're looking for a Canadian option, there's Shady Maple Farms' Maple Butter ($15, Amazon), which is also organic and grown sustainably, according to Amazon's certification.

Whether you're looking for a holiday gift, a way to zhuzh up your coffee or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, this fan-favorite item might just be the way to go.