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This Viral TikTok Product Will Prevent Crumbs from Falling in Hard-to-Clean Places—and I'm Buying It ASAP

Another genius idea from TikTok.
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We all know the gap between the stove and the countertop. It's a black hole where crumbs and sauces go to live forever—or until you get a new stove! And no matter how careful I am when I cook, dropping stuff down there is inevitable. While I'd like to say I immediately clean up every time it happens, the truth is I just don't. Pulling out the stove to access the crumbs is tricky and by the time I'm done cooking, I usually forget about them. But thanks to a nifty new kitchen find, the next time I clean that area, I won't be faced with a month's worth of crumbs because I'll have these stove gap covers to save the day.

Linda's Silicone Stove Gap Covers (2 Pack)
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Thanks to Emily Mariko's TikTok video, I was introduced to this game-changing product. Mariko displays their stove gap covers after a curious commenter asks, "But what are those strips on the stove!? I need them ASAP." (I also need them ASAP after watching the video.)

In the video, Mariko shows off the stove gap covers, which close the gap between stove and countertop and prevent bits of food from falling in. The T-shaped covers fit snugly and are made from heat-resistant silicone so they can withstand the hot temperatures of the stove. Available in two lengths, 21 inches and 25 inches, these flexible covers will fit any stove.

But in case your stove has a curve to it, or you just don't love the look of the wide strip on the countertop, Mariko notes that the covers can be trimmed to work in your kitchen. The covers also come in three different colors, including black, clear and white, so you can easily find the right shade to match your style.

This simple, yet genius, solution to a common kitchen problem is just another win from TikTok. From hacks for cleaning greasy containers to removing fingerprints on stainless steel appliances, I can't wait to see what smart TikTok solution I find next.