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I'm a Food Editor & These Are My Favorite Boxed Wines

Whether it’s for a get together or to have something more transportable, these products make a compelling case for wine in a box.
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Not just for college parties anymore, boxed wine has really stepped up its quality in recent years. Wine sold in this format is better for the environment—68% of its carbon footprint comes from packaging and transport, mainly because those filled 750mL bottles are heavy. Plus the bag inside the box deflates as you pour, which with the airtight valve keeps air from the wine, preserving the quality for much longer. Added bonus: Boxed wine takes up a lot less space when you're entertaining. Here are 5 to try.

1. Schplink Grüner Veltliner, Austria

Schplink Grüner Veltliner
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Crisp green apple flavors and herbaceous undertones make this white immensely crushable.

2. Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc, California

Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc
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Made with organic grapes, this wine has grassy aromas and refreshing grapefruit and kiwi flavors.

3. Les Alliés Grenache Rosé, France

Les Alliés Grenache Rosé
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Most often used to make red blends, here grenache plays a starring role with berry flavors and hints of spice on the nose—pour alongside the salad Niçoise.

4. Natural Origins Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina

Natural Origins Cabernet Sauvignon

This black fruit- and mineral-forward red is dry with medium acidity—perfect for cutting through the richness of the pulled pork.

5. Franzia Dark Red Blend, California

Franzia Dark Red Blend
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Total Wine

This rich and juicy red is packed with fruitiness and has a slightly peppery finish that dovetails nicely with savory, spicy ramen bowls.