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This Serum Helped Smooth My Skin Texture and Erase Fine Lines in Under a Month

My skin has never looked or felt better.
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I love skin-care products, and it's part of my job to test them out for EatingWell readers. There are some I love (like these eye creams or these products for dry skin), but there are also plenty that I don't share because they didn't live up to my standards. For me to recommend a product in this column, I have to see a major difference in my skin, it has to be 100% worth the price and I have to love it enough to buy it again. While I realize that everyone's skin is different and I'm just one (very opinionated) person, there is one product I think everyone should have in their bathroom cabinet: Biossance's Squalane + 10% Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum.

Squalane + 10% Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum

This serum is made for all skin types—normal, dry, combination or oily—and is "clean beauty" certified by the EWG, which means it's free of potentially harmful ingredients for you and the environment. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic and free of parabens, PEG and synthetic fragrances. My favorite part of this serum is that it does all of the work for you while you sleep. You just rub a few pumps between your hands and onto your face (your skin should be clean and dry) and let it work its magic overnight. The serum has a mix of vegan lactic acid, which helps to gently exfoliate and smooth skin; clover, which can help fight the effects of pollution and blue light; and squalane, which locks in moisture without feeling heavy, greasy or sticky.

After using this serum every night for a few weeks, I can honestly say that it's like magic in a bottle. My skin's texture is noticeably smoother, the pores on my face are less noticeable and my skin looks lit-from-within. I also noticed that it improved some of my skin's discoloration and fine lines from spending too much time in the sun. 

It took about three weeks for me to notice a significant difference, so if you're thinking about using this serum, don't give up on your nightly routine if you don't see the effects immediately. It's also worth noting that you'll want to wear sunscreen the next morning since the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) in this serum can make your skin more sun-sensitive (you should be wearing SPF every day anyways!). 

Though this serum is a little pricey at $62 for 1.01 ounces, I personally believe it's worth the splurge since it's like a complete facial in one product. Just add some cleanser, SPF and an eye cream the next morning and you're good to glow! (Buy it: $62,

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