Cup Cubes Freezer Tray - 4 Cubes with a pot of chili and rice
Credit: W&P

It's Super Easy to Freeze Food with These Handy Containers—and I Can't Get Enough of Them

With the W&P Cup Cubes at my disposal, it’s easy to prep and freeze food.
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I'm a big fan of meal prep. Not only does it help me save time, but planning ahead is an easy way to save money and avoid food waste. Up until now, my meal prep has been focused on making foods that I can refrigerate and eat throughout the week. But now I'm starting to utilize my freezer, thanks to the W&P Cup Cubes Freezer Tray.

The Cup Cubes Freezer Tray is designed to hold pre-portioned amounts of sauces, broths, soups and more. Each cube can hold up to one cup of food, and the tray comes in two options: four cubes or six cubes. Within each cube, there are two sets of measurement markings, milliliters and cups, which I found to be super helpful when I was filling the tray with a jar of vodka sauce. The measurements allowed me to evenly distribute the sauce, so I knew the exact amount I had when I went to use the frozen sauce in a pasta dish.

Cup Cubes Freezer Tray, 4 Cubes

The tray is made from silicone, so it's easy to remove the frozen cube of food when you're ready to cook. To remove, simply push up from the bottom of the tray and slide the food right out. I had zero issue removing the frozen chunk, and thanks to silicone's smooth surface, nothing was left behind in the tray.

While the silicone material makes it easy to remove food, you don't have to worry about the flexible container folding in since the rim of the tray is steel reinforced. The reinforced rim also makes it easy to stack the trays in your freezer and maximize space. The tray also comes with a lid, so you can prevent freezer burn and unwanted odors from ruining your food. With the lid, there's also a handy spot where you can write the date and contents of the tray, so it's easy to remember what you've frozen.

Cup Cubes Freezer Tray, 6 Cubes

In addition to the freezer capabilities, the tray is also oven-safe (only the tray is oven-safe, not the lid). That means you can bake individual portions of loaves, muffins and more, and then freeze and enjoy when you want a sweet treat. Plus, the tray is also dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so you can easily reheat and clean the tray.

With these trays in my freezer, there's no meal-prep task that I can't handle. From making a big batch of Homemade Tomato Sauce for easy pasta dinners to freezing yogurt for my daily smoothies, the W&P Cup Cubes Freezer Tray is already in frequent use in my freezer—and it will be in yours, too.