A portrait of Giada De Laurentiis next to a selection of 4 bottles of wine
Credit: Getty Images / JB Lacroix, Giadzy

Giada De Laurentiis Loves These Organic Italian Wines—and They Start at Just $15

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We love learning about ways that drinking wine can give us a healthful boost, from keeping us in high spirits to supporting our cardiovascular health. But most wine—that is, a wine that isn't biodynamic, organic, or natural—contains unlabeled additives that can be a bit of a turn-off. (That's why Cameron Diaz decided to launch her own organic wine company last year.)

For those who want to avoid preservatives in their wine (or those with a sulfite allergy), buying organic wine is the way to go. And it just so happens that Giada De Laurentiis, one of our favorite experts on all things food and wine, just revealed four of her favorite bottles of organic Italian wine. 

Organic Wines

Per the folks at De Laurentiis's blog, Giadzy, each of the selected wines is grown in Italy by "growers who are dedicated to sustainable farming practices." One of the wines is biodynamic, meaning it's both organic and sustainably farmed. (You can read more about the differences between biodynamic, organic, and natural wines in our guide.)

For De Laurentiis, drinking organic wine isn't just a casual preference. It's basically a must. "Grapes can be one of the most toxic ingredients next to coffee beans, and fortunately, organic wine doesn't use synthetic fertilizers and other toxins in their wine-making process," De Laurentiis told EatingWell. "I'm allergic to many of those toxins as well, so when I do enjoy a glass, I try to make sure it is as clean as possible."

De Laurentiis Recommends Pairing With Seafood

The first wine De Laurentiis recommends is a Calabria Zibibbo IGT "Benvenuto" 2020 ($25, Tannico). "Benvenuto winery is run by Giovanni Benvenuto, whose passion for winemaking is apparent in the bottle," the blog reports. "His goal is to honor the ancient Calabrian land, once owned by his grandfather, by utilizing sustainable farming techniques that protect the environment." The Benvenuto would pair well with a seafood dish, like our Linguine with Creamy White Clam Sauce.

De Laurentiis also loves a glass of Feudo Montoni Sicily Grillo Timpa 2018 a fruity wine made with the same grapes you would find in marsala. One wine critic suggests pairing a glass with a roasted pork tenderloin

The Dry, Acidic Side of Umbria Grechetto

bottle of wine on white backgroun
Credit: Vivino

Another white wine on De Laurentiis's list is Raína Umbria Grechetto 2018, the one biodynamic wine on the list. Vivino notes that the bottle is on the dry, acidic side, with reviewers praising its earthy, citrusy qualities. We'd love to pair a serving of De Laurentiis's own Spaghetti with Rosemary & Lemon with this bottle.

A Red With Notes of Plum and Blackberry

The one red wine on the list is a Cirelli Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Amphora 2018, which the blog describes as having "vibrant notes of plums and blackberry." Reviewers at Vivino also call out the wine's notes of balsamic, ginger, and dried fruit. This light, fresh wine would pair well with a late-summer pasta dish.

We're always up for all the Giada De Laurentiis advice we can get—from her tips on keeping a well-stocked fridge to her simple recipe for a delicious sorbet—so you know we'll have to try these wines out.