Handmade Ceramic Garlic Pot, by Sawyer Ceramics and Tellefsen Atelier Handmade Ceramic Garlic Jar with Cork Lid on a designed background
Credit: Food52

These Ceramic Jars Will Help Your Garlic Last Longer—and Add a Rustic Touch to Your Kitchen

Finally, a way to use every last clove!
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A little garlic can go a long way. But if you prefer to buy whole heads of the allium instead of picking up a jar of the pre-minced stuff, you might not be able to use all of your delicious garlic before it sprouts those funky green shoots. (Plus, using fresh garlic instead of jarred means you get more allicin—the immune system-supporting compound that forms when you cut garlic.)

The experts in our Test Kitchen say the best way to store garlic is to keep it in a cool, dark and dry environment. That could be your kitchen cabinet or pantry, or maybe out on the counter in a corner. But with garlic's papery skin being the way it is, storing garlic loose in your kitchen is often a recipe for getting pieces of garlic confetti all over the counter. Luckily, Food52 has a solution to the problem: cute, airflow-promoting ceramic jars that promise to keep your garlic cool, dry and fresh for as long as possible. 

Buy it: Sawyer Ceramics Handmade Stoneware Garlic Pot, $64; Food52

The Sawyer Ceramics Handmade Stoneware Garlic Pot (buy it: $64, Food52) can hold up to three regular-sized heads of garlic, so folks who like to go all in at the grocery store can rest assured that there's more than enough room for their garlic haul. Plus, the little pot will fit on any kitchen counter. The pot is shorter than six inches tall, even including its lid, and it's handmade at a pottery studio in San Diego, California (so you know the rustic charm is real).

Reviewers of the garlic pot call it a "little gem" that keeps garlic bulbs "perfectly well" on the counter. One reviewer was sure to point out that the pot is a perfect mixture of beauty and function: "I've been wanting a garlic keeper but didn't want something that looked ordinary. This fits the bill."

For those looking for a similarly chic but slightly smaller version of the pot, Food52 also sells a Handmade Ceramic and Cork Jar from Tellefsen Atelier (buy it: $32, Food52). Though the little jar is just four inches tall, it can also hold up to three garlic heads (and look darn cute doing it). Alexis Tellefsen, a New York-based potter, makes each jar and finishes them off with a classic speckled glaze and tight-fitting cork lid to keep moisture at bay.

Buy it: Tellefsen Atelier Handmade Ceramic and Cork Jar, $32; Food52

Pick up a fun new home for your fresh garlic and get ready to take in all the health benefits of adding more garlic to your diet—plus, enjoy some of our favorite garlic-forward recipes, like Garlic Hummus or Garlic Mashed Potatoes.