prosecco pouring into a coupe glass with a frozen pink ice cube made of juice on a grey background
Credit: TheCocktailSnob / Camille Wilson

Cocktail Bombs Are the Tastiest—and Most Clever—Way to Use Last Year's Cocoa Bomb Molds

And this spin looks just as delicious.
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Remember hot cocoa bombs? You know, those semi-magical spheres that turned making hot chocolate into a glamorous science experiment last winter. Well, if you're searching for a similarly cute and flavorful twist on the trend for summer, Camille Wilson (aka @thecocktailsnob_ on Instagram) has just the new beverage hack for you.

For folks looking to "add some pizzazz to your prosecco," as Wilson says, there's a new cocktail bomb in town. Unlike the adorable cocktail bombs you can buy online, these Instagram-worthy treats are super easy to make at home. All you need is your favorite juice, "a little imagination" and a spherical ice cube mold, like this one from Glacio. If you were into hot cocoa bombs in the winter, you could recycle your molds here for a domed look.

large black spherical ice molds set with four ice spheres on white background
Credit: Amazon

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Wilson topped her gorgeous juice bomb off with some orange zest and (of course) a pour of prosecco. In the comments, she wrote that she loves this take on the drink bomb because you can combine your favorite juices and flavors for a cocktail that suits your taste perfectly. We'd love to try it out with our two-ingredient Watermelon Juice—yum!

Wilson served her drink up in a classic coupe glass with textured rim that gave her cocktail a Prohibition-chic look—you can find similar glasses from Amazon. (Then you can serve up our Elderberry Champagne Cocktail in enviable style.)

two granitas in coupe glasses on white background
Credit: Amazon

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Commenters were immediately head over heels for the simple but Instagrammable drink, writing that "everything about this is stunning! 🙌🏾👌🏾 Definitely inspired and will definitely give this a go. 🥂🤗." Others wrote in to say that they've tried a similar drink with a scoop of sorbet in place of the frozen juice. You could try that theory with these drink-ready sorbet cups from Costco, or maybe go for a piña colada twist with our Pineapple-Coconut Sorbet (or one of our other many delish varieties—like Peach-Lime, Minted Tangerine or Ginger-Blueberry).

If you're ready to come aboard on the fun ice cube train, we have plenty more ideas for you. We love adding everything from juice to herbs to coffee to our ice cube trays to make a more flavorful drink, and that doesn't just go for cocktails. Recipes like our Color-Changing Lemonade Slushies prove that changing up your basic ice cubes can be fun for the whole family. 

Whether you top your cocktail bomb off with sparkling wine, liquor or seltzer, one thing is certain: you'll be in possession of your neighborhood's cutest drink.