Reviewers Say Le Creuset's Cookware Cleaner Is a "Miracle Solution" for Scratched Pots and Pans

“This cleaner is a must,” says one reviewer.

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Depending on the brand you buy from, enamel-coated cast-iron pots and pans can be quite the investment. (Though we have a few more budget-friendly recommendations when it comes to choosing a Dutch oven or cast-iron skillet.) Once you've shelled out major dollars for a gorgeous pot, keeping your piece of heirloom-worthy cookware in perfect condition becomes a top priority, but that isn't always easy.

From stubborn stains to annoying scuffs and scratches, there are all kinds of ways that your enameled cookware can show some wear and tear. That's why Le Creuset offers guidance on how to clean and care for your cookware—and their advice includes one product that reviewers are obsessed with.

Le Creuset Cast-Iron Cookware Cleaner (buy it: $25, Le Creuset) is the gentle, eco-friendly cleaner you didn't realize could solve your enamel woes. The brand says that their product "safely removes heat stains, discoloration, grit and grime from cast iron cookware while preserving and enhancing the shine of the enamel," which sounds like a total win, and plenty of reviewers strongly agree.


To buy: $25;

"This little bottle is amazing!" one review raves. "It cleaned what I thought would be lifelong stains from my Creuset in a jiffy. Granted mine is only a year old, it racked up quite the browning on the interior and exterior bottom. I followed the directions to a T, and this product removed them all!"

More than one reviewer wrote that they'll be including a bottle of the cleaner alongside any Le Creuset pieces they give friends and family in the future. And one reviewer in particular said that the solution restored their well-loved pan to looking like it was fresh from the store. "I had used the skillet on the stovetop, in the oven, and several times on my grill, which caused a lot of baked-on mess to where my skillet was no longer Marseilles blue but black," the reviewer wrote. "I had to use it a couple of times but my skillet is now back to looking like new!

The product is also available on Amazon, where reviews are similarly complimentary. "This is a miracle solution! Trust me, you need this if you are trying to remove scratches from your enameled Le Creuset," one review reads. "This is coming from someone who's used Amazon for all shopping needs for years, yet has never written a review until now. I'm so blown away, I had to put this in writing!! My dutch oven is saved!" (That reviewer even noticed that scratches in her farmhouse-style sink became less visible as she rinsed the solution down the sink.)

Buy an 8.45-ounce bottle of the cast-iron cookware cleaner from Le Creuset's website for $25, or grab the stainless steel version for $20.

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