3 Things I Keep in My Bedroom for a Better Night's Sleep

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I never used to have a problem sleeping. I was one of those #blessed people who could sleep with my body crammed into a plane seat or on a half-inflated air mattress at a friend's house without any issues. But since entering into my 30s (and a global pandemic), that's completely changed. I can no longer nap on command, sleep is more elusive, and I need a full seven hours of shut-eye to function the next day.

To help myself wind down, I've recently tried to limit my screen time an hour or so before bed. It's helped me disconnect and has reduced my anxiety (seriously, I cannot recommend this enough. Doom-scrolling the daily news is not a productive way to encourage good sleep!). Additionally, I've invested in a few things that have made falling—and staying—asleep much easier.

3 Things That Have Helped Me Sleep Better

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Research shows that some essential oils can help relieve stress—such as lavender, bitter orange, bergamot and frankincense. I love putting a few drops of one (or a blend of these) in my aromatherapy diffuser and letting it fill the bedroom with a spa-like fragrance. My current favorite combo is this blend from Aura Cacia called "chill pill." It's made with lavender, Roman chamomile, patchouli and orange essential oils for a sleep-inducing fragrance that calms me down almost instantly.

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER 2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser

Aura Cacia Essential Solutions Oil Blend, Chill Pill

Aura Cacia Essential Solutions Oil Blend

Cooling Sheets

I recently wrote about these cooling sheets from Cozy Earth, and I cannot recommend them enough. I'm naturally a hot sleeper, and these sheets are a game-changer (read: no more tossing and turning on sweltering summer nights). Plus, they feel so silky and cozy, you'll want to melt right into your bed and never leave.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

cozy earth Bamboo Sheet Set
Cozy Earth

Air Purifier

I love this air purifier for a few big reasons. First, I'm allergic to pretty much everything (nature, dust, dog dander, you name it), which can be challenging when everything is in bloom and you own a very fluffy dog. I used to wake up with a stuffy nose every morning, but this air purifier has made my allergies so much more manageable. I also love it because it comes with an "eco mode" that uses a lower fan speed (so it's very quiet) and dimmer lights, which are ideal for when you want to sleep.

Westinghouse 1701 Patented NCCO Technology Air Purifier

Westinghouse 1701 Patented NCCO Technology Air Purifier

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