Portable Travel Soap Paper Sheets on a designed background
Credit: Amazon

These Mini Soap Sheets Will Ensure You're Never Without Soap Again

These portable sheets are perfect to have no matter where you are in the world.
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I live in a major city and it's critical to wash my hands frequently—that was true even pre-pandemic, but especially now. There's nothing worse than using a public restroom at a concert, beach or campsite just to get to the washing station and find that all the soap is gone. While hand sanitizer is an option, the CDC recommends washing with soap and water over hand sanitizer whenever possible. 

So I was excited when I came across these handy, portable soap sheets that make cleaning my hands a breeze. Each dispenser comes with 200 sheets, and a pack of 10 costs $9.99. They are a mini portable size so you can carry one around anywhere, and since they're not liquid, they're TSA compliant. The thin sheets require very little water, which is nice if you only have a bottle of water on hand. They dissolve quickly and foam nicely so you can thoroughly lather your hands. Give your hands another rinse after you're done scrubbing and you're good to go!

Since each pack comes with 200 sheets, you can give a few to friends and family members. These are great if you're traveling or on the go with children. The different colors of the containers are fun and can be used to identify which belongs to whom. I'll definitely be carrying a pack wherever I go from now on.