This 'Small But Mighty' Cordless Food Processor Is Perfect for Small Kitchens—and It's Just $20 on Amazon

One reviewer calls it a “kitchen essential.”

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Electric Garlic Chopper, Portable Cordless Mini Food Processor, Rechargeable Vegetable Chopper Blender for Nuts Chili Onion Minced Meat and Spices
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I've never understood the appeal of food processors—they're bulky, hard to clean and avoidable, if you're willing to stand around chopping for a while. Even though watching Ina Garten use her food processor is, like watching her do anything, the most soothing thing in the world, I could never justify buying one—until now.

When I saw an Instagram post about this KitchekShop Portable Cordless Mini Food Processor, I was super impressed—the tiny processor is just big enough to mince a few cloves of garlic or throw together some salsa ingredients for one, and it looks mighty powerful doing it.

The food processor is also wireless, which means you can pack it up for your next camping trip or charge it up and not have to worry about unplugging other appliances while you prep dinner. According to KitchekShop, charging the device for two hours gives it enough power to be used 36 times, which would make it perfect for chopping condiments and toppings by the grill.

The plastic bowl on the bottom of the processor can be washed in the dishwasher, and the processor's other two parts—the blade and the cover—are waterproof, so they can be hand-washed after each use. The chopper also has a magnetic child safety lock that keeps the blade from whirring until everything is locked into place, so the one-touch appliance is safe for crowded kitchens.

Amazon reviewers are huge fans of the little chopper, which they say is "easy to use and clean," since the three washable parts have no crevices that might make tidying up more difficult. Another reviewer said that the wireless feature meant it was easy to shake and hold the chopper as it works, so folks looking for a puréed pesto or garlic paste can make sure they get that finely chopped consistency.

Plus, one review said that "everyone should have this little chopper in their kitchen," and honestly, I had to take that advice.

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