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This Spray Helps Me Get Rid of Lingering Kitchen Odors in Seconds

This odor-removing spray will make your kitchen smell like a spa.
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I love the open layout of my house. My kitchen and living room are connected, which makes it easy for me to watch TV or chat with my husband while I'm making dinner. Even though my kitchen is a little small and outdated (looking at you, 1970s cabinets), I love that it's the center of our home and I can still be part of the action when we have guests over. The only downside? When I cook something, everyone can smell it for hours. Sometimes that's a great thing (like when I bake chocolate chip cookies), but other times those scents can linger in an unpleasant way (looking at you, steak cooked in a cast-iron skillet).

I've tried turning on our vent fan, and it helps a little, but our kitchen doesn't have the most high-tech equipment. I've also tried opening our kitchen door since it leads to our patio, but it's not ideal during the summer in Alabama (read: hot temps, big mosquitos). So I wanted to find a solution that helped my kitchen smell fresh.

I recently discovered Fresh Wave's Lavender Odor-Removing Spray, which is made with just water and plant-based oils and is 100% free of toxic chemicals and artificial fragrances. The scent is essential oil-esque, and has the added benefit of getting rid of unpleasant odors (instead of just masking them) with its lavender-scented formula. Whether I've forgotten to take out the trash or I made a big batch of garlicky pasta, I know a few spritzes of this odor-removing spray will make my kitchen smell like a spa. 

Fresh Wave® 8 Oz. Lavender Odor Removing Spray
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Bed Bath and Beyond

The best part? This spray can be used on any water-safe surface, including bedding, clothing, gym bags, bathroom surfaces and more. Each 8-ounce bottle is just $7.99 and is the perfect size for stashing under your kitchen sink for easy access. You can snag one for yourself at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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