Oprah's Under-the-Sink Storage Solution Is Adorable and Affordable

You can recreate this look for about $30!

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Portrait of Oprah Winfrey on a designed background
Photo: Getty Images / Vera Anderson

A few weeks ago, like many vaccinated Americans, Oprah Winfrey welcomed some of her fellow fully-vaccinated pals over to her home to celebrate the 4th of July holiday weekend.

The star of the show was supposed to be the epic, oversized chicken sandwiches from the trendy restaurant Daybird in Los Angeles, but we couldn't stop staring at the design within the background of the video. You could say that Oprah's kitchen decor is one of *our* favorite things!

In true Oprah fashion, many of her kitchen appliances were top of the line. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the restaurant kitchen-worthy stove and range, the epic metallic stove hood and the industrial-size stainless steel refrigerator. (She needs somewhere to store all the fresh produce she packs into her WW meals and all of the homemade ice pops she whips up!)

But what inspired us—and surprised us the most—was hiding under her classic farmhouse sink. Rather than traditional cabinet doors, which cover most of her kitchen storage spaces, Oprah has a custom curtain hanging over the under-sink area to infuse some charming vintage vibes and to leave the area easily accessible.

Whether it's pots and pans, a trash can or cleaning supplies stored under the sink, a curtain makes them breeze to hide. It's also a super-affordable solution if you're not in love with your current cabinets in that area (simply remove and replace with a rod and strip of fabric), or for renters who want to cover said cabinets without removing them entirely.

While certain custom under-sink "skirts" we found run $1,000+, we found some very chic and budget-friendly options on Etsy...and they start at just $30. Considering it costs between $100 to $1,000 to replace a single cabinet door, this can score you major savings.

  • Frosting Home Decor Solid Cotton Linen Farmhouse Style Texture Cafe Curtains (buy it: $31.50, Etsy)
  • Erin Langland Decor Farmhouse Minimalist Cupboard Curtains (buy it: $30 to $56, Etsy)
  • L Mae & Co. Grain Sack Farmhouse Sink Curtain (buy it: $68 to $86, Etsy)

One thing we know for sure? That we would love to cook alongside Oprah in her kitchen someday. Perhaps while sipping wine and dancing to music like she shared on Instagram last May? Until then, we'll be taking a few design cues from the stylish celeb/entertaining ace.

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