I'm a Dietitian and I Swear By These No-Cook, High-Protein Salad Kits for Easy Lunches

These omega-3-rich, ready-to-eat salad kits are a lifesaver for anyone with a busy schedule. The best part? They're shelf-stable and you can buy them online!

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Wild Planet Ready-To-Eat Wild Tuna on a designed background
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I'm not shy about the fact that I love canned tuna. It is a pantry staple that you will always find in my kitchen. It is super nutritious and helps me eat more seafood within my budget. My preferred brand is Wild Planet because they are devoted to sustainable fishing practices. That's why I was so excited when I heard they launched a line of ready-to-eat salads featuring their delicious tuna. I had to get my hands on some to help me fuel my busy weeks.

Wild Planet Ready-to-Eat Wild Tuna White Bean Salad With Organic Chickpeas, Carrots, Red Peppers & Green Olives

wild planet tuna salad

The Ready-to-Eat Wild Tuna Salads come in three flavors: pasta salad; red bean and corn salad; and white bean salad. Beyond tuna, they boast other super healthy ingredients like legumes, carrots, red peppers, tomatoes and olives. Each salad pack is pre-made and totally shelf-stable, making it easy to store (or keep in your office!). They have between 250-350 calories, 16-21 grams of protein, 8-10 grams of fiber and ample healthy omega-3 fats in each container. Plus, each container is one serving, so they are perfect for a grab-and-go lunch. A four-pack of salads is $15 to $17, which means that you can have a healthy lunch for less than $5.

If I'm not on the go, I like to spruce mine up to build out the meal a bit. I add a tuna salad pack to a bowl with lettuce, fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon to give it some added freshness. Not only is there almost no clean up, but also it allows me to have a filling and flavorful lunch in minutes. It's a product with the simplicity of canned fish and the nutrition of a balanced lunch. The protein, healthy fats and fiber in these ready-to-eat salads will help keep you fueled for whatever the day holds. Needless to say, these Wild Planet Ready-To-Eat Tuna Salads have found their home in my pantry.

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