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This Simple Item Saves Me Money and Keeps My Produce Fresh for Longer

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A variety of fresh produce is essential for a healthy diet. And if you're like me, you want yours to stay fresh  until your next grocery trip. But sometimes those beautiful fruits and veggies go bad before you even get to enjoy them. Tossing out that precious produce can feel like throwing your money in the garbage. Even though you have the option to freeze your produce, we think that satisfying crunch from fresh fruits and vegetables is worth it. 

The key to lasting fruits and veggies is remembering that a little humidity is a good thing—but a wet environment is bad news. Excess moisture can cause leafy greens, fruit and some vegetables to spoil prematurely. So my interest piqued when I came across these produce containers on Amazon with detachable colanders. These nifty bins allow you to wash items, strain the water and place them straight into your fridge for easy, stackable storage.

lazkissy Fresh-keeping Container, 3-in-1 Multifunctional Draining Crisper with Strainers
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Each bin is designed with adjustable vents to regulate airflow and control the humidity in your fridge to help prevent spoilage and keep produce fresh for up to two weeks! The variety pack comes with three different sized bins to keep your fridge sleek and organized. (Translation: no more food wasting away in flimsy, plastic grocery store bags). As an added bonus, the BPA-free containers can be reused indefinitely to avoid waste.

I've always felt like the clock was ticking when I brought home fresh produce. I'm so excited to have found a product that gives me extra time to enjoy my grocery haul! (Buy it: $15.99 on Amazon).