cropped hands using the OXO Corn Prep Peeler
Credit: OXO

This Handy Peeler Will Help You Strip Fresh Corn off the Cob with Ease

With this tool at your disposal, you’ll be enjoying all the fresh summer corn you want.
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From zucchini to strawberries, my favorite thing about summer is the fresh produce. And one vegetable that I plan to enjoy all season long is corn. Not only does corn have great health benefits like being high in fiber and promoting healthy vision, but it can also be prepared in a variety of ways. Whether you add it to a salad, grill it or sauté it, I've found the perfect tool to help you eat corn in any way imaginable: OXO's Corn Prep Peeler.

OXO's Corn Prep Peeler is the perfect tool when you want to enjoy corn kernels off of the cob. Instead of using a knife, which can be dangerous if not done properly (learn the safe way to cut corn off the cob), the peeler is a better, smarter choice. Similar to a vegetable peeler, this corn tool is designed specifically with the yellow veggie in mind. The stainless steel blades are configured to strip the cob of its kernels with ease thanks to its slight curve, which matches the shape of the cob.

Corn Prep Peeler

To use this tool, just lay the corn cob flat on a cutting board and peel away. The kernels will be removed easily and you'll make your way around the cob in record time. With a non-slip handle, this tool is comfortable to grip and use. Bonus: when you're done preparing your corn, the tool is dishwasher safe.

With this tool in your kitchen, it will be a breeze to make dishes like Creamy Corn Casserole with Lime, Chiles & Cilantro and Corn with Bacon & Mushrooms. Get OXO's Corn Prep Peeler and enjoy fresh corn whenever you want.