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This Skillet Is Being Called "The Best Nonstick Pan"—Here's Why You Need It

From searing to frying, Abbio’s nonstick skillet can do it all.
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If someone were to ask, "What's your favorite burner on the stove?" my answer would be immediate: the front right burner. Not only does it conduct heat evenly, but it's the perfect size for any pan I cook with. While my burner preference is easy to answer, I wish I could say the same about my favorite pan. Instead, my cabinets are cluttered with skillets ranging in size and material and none of them are quite right. Luckily, I discovered Abbio, whose skillet will solve all of my cooking problems.

Whether it's frying or sautéing, Abbio's Large Nonstick Skillet is here to make any recipe effortless. Made from steel and aluminum, the skillet is designed with an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and ease when cooking. At 11 inches in diameter, there's plenty of room to make weeknight-friendly one-pot dinners like Shrimp Scampi Zoodles and Beef & Bean Sloppy Joes.

Large Nonstick Skillet
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While the skillet is perfect for stovetop cooking, it's also oven safe up to 450℉. Each skillet also comes with a silicone hot pad, so you can easily serve dinner directly from the oven or stove to the table without worrying about damaging surfaces. The hot pads come in four eye-catching color options: charcoal, spinach, salt and carrot.

One reviewer says, "It's the best nonstick pan I've ever used. Cleaning is a breeze." Another five-star reviewer notes, "The pan is phenomenal. It heats up evenly and quickly, sears proteins and veggies, and is a breeze to clean." And speaking of cleaning, Abbio recommends hand washing using warm water, soap and a soft sponge, but the skillet is also dishwasher safe.

The Abbio Large Nonstick Skillet is a great choice if you're looking for one pan that can do it all. With this pan in my arsenal, I finally have an answer when someone asks what my favorite pan is, which comes up surprisingly often when you work for a food magazine.