I Can't Stop Putting This Savory Condiment on Everything

Truff’s Black Truffle Oil is my new go-to when I need to jazz up a meal.

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Oil being poured onto roasted potatoes
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Even though I work for a food website, when it comes to cooking dinner at home I like to keep it pretty simple. I stick to mostly basic, easy-to-cook meals (think: a protein and veggies, stir-frys, big salads or grain bowls), and then I jazz these easy meals up with a fun sauce. So when I came across Truff's Black Truffle Oil, I knew I wanted to try it.

Black Truffle Oil

truff black truffle oil

The brand went viral in 2019 when they launched their white truffle-infused hot sauce and it landed on Oprah's Favorite Things List. I tried it that year and loved it on pizza, chicken and sandwiches, so when Truff launched their Black Truffle Oil I knew I had to snag a bottle for myself. And, whew, I'm glad I did!

If you've never tasted black truffle, it has a deeply distinctive umami, garlicky flavor. You may have had it on french fries or pasta in a restaurant, but there are so many other fun applications for it. Since getting Truff's Black Truffle Oil, I've put it on roasted potatoes, swirled it into mayo for a sandwich spread, drizzled it over plain popcorn, whirred it into a dressing for grilled veggies and even put it on my eggs. And I've loved every way I've tried it.

Truff's Black Truffle Oil is a blend of olive oil and real black winter truffles (fun fact: many truffle oils on the market are made with fake truffles, since they can be quite rare and expensive). That said, each 6-ounce bottle of Truff's Black Truffle Oil is $24.99 since it's infused with the real deal. While pricey, you only need a little drizzle to pack a major flavor punch, so it'll last you a while. And after trying it, I promise you'll want to put it on everything you make.

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