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This $10 Tool Will Help You Get In a Serious Cardio Workout Wherever You Are

A jump rope is an affordable, easy-to-transport way to get your sweat on anywhere.
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Things are getting busier these days, which hopefully means there are good things on your calendar. It can also mean it's a little harder to find time to get in a workout. Whether you need a way to get in a quick sweat at home or something you can bring on the go, there is one tool that is there to help. A jump rope is the perfect form of exercise for any weather, any space (indoors or out) and has some impressive proven benefits, too. Get yourself a jump rope for as little as $10 so you can have a stellar cardio workout wherever you go.

Tangle-Free Rapid Speed Jumping Rope Cable with Ball Bearings
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There are so many reasons to have a jump rope around. On busy days, you can break a sweat in just minutes with this simple workout. You can take it outside to your backyard for some fresh air, or use it indoors in even the smallest of apartments (just be mindful of jumping above neighbors). Jumping rope can be adapted for all levels, so take it at your own pace and see how your skills grow. You only need the one small tool that is affordable and easy to transport, like this $10 adjustable tangle-free jump rope from Amazon (with 5,000 5-star ratings). There are plenty of jump ropes though. This jump rope with cushioned handles, from Walmart, also comes with high ratings.

Adjustable Black Jump Rope with Foam Grip Handles
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There is even some impressive research on the benefits of jumping rope as a form of exercise for kids and adults alike. One small study found that girls ages 14 to 16 at risk for cardiovascular disease were able to improve markers of inflammation and prehypertension after taking part in a 12-week jump rope exercise program. Another study found similar results from a dance jump rope class for overweight adults in their 20's with risk factors for pulmonary disease. Participants had better pulmonary function (as measured by a spirometer) and lower body mass index after the program. 

The benefits of jumping rope are great for adults, too. A 155-pound person can burn 421 calories by jumping rope quickly for 30 minutes, which is more than running (at a 10-minute mile pace) or cycling (at 16 miles per hour). In just seven minutes of jumping rope, you can burn 100 calories. Jumping rope is a great way to keep the whole family active. Plus, it's a fun activity for people of all ages! 

Better your health for just $10 by picking up a jump rope today. Whether you need a quick way to squeeze in a workout between meetings or need a way to workout on the go, a jump rope is the tool for you.