Our Editors Love This $6 Tool for Making a Drink in a Pineapple

Making tropical drinks at home has never been easier.

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Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer
Photo: OXO, Getty Images / AnnaSivak

Many of us don't need much convincing to start enjoying the new summer season. We're ready for all of the fruity drinks and tropical cocktails that come with warmer weather! And one of the flavors we love for summer is pineapple. Beyond being delicious, it is super healthy and packed with antioxidants, can help strengthen your bones and even help fight belly bloat.

As much as we love pineapple, though, it can be difficult and messy to cut it up (we have this guide on how to cut it correctly). It's especially challenging to extract the fruit while leaving the peel intact to make rings or a fun drink. Enter the Silver Stainless Steel Pineapple De-Corer by Super Z Outlets.

Silver Stainless Steel Pineapple De-Corer

pineapple de-corer

This corer does a great job of removing the core neatly so you are one step closer to juicy slices of pineapple. But where it really shines is for coring a pineapple to make fun fruity drinks to serve inside the fruit. Our Food Editor, Megan Steintrager, loves this for our Piña Colada developed by Quin Liburd of @butterbeready, but you could put any fruity drink (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) inside a cored pineapple for a sweet summery treat.

The corer is simple to use, made of durable stainless steel and is only $5.99 right now on Walmart.com. Whether you want to use it to up your get-together game or simply as something fun for the family, this is the must-have tool for summer. Get yours while they last.

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