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Credit: Ted and Chelsea Cavanaugh

The Best Nonalcoholic Drinks You Can Buy Online, According to Our Editors

Whether you're looking to cut out or cut back on alcohol, these drinks have all the flavor and none of the booze.
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Over the past few years, dozens of new nonalcoholic drinks have hit the market, all promising the flavor of beer, wine and cocktails without the buzz. Whether you abstain entirely or are just taking the night off and still want something special, these beverages have all the grown-up flavor you're looking for.

Thomson & Scott Noughty, Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay
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Better Rhodes

This sparkler has about half the sugar compared to most others, with a crisp, dry food-friendly finish.

Curious Elixir No. 2
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Curious Elixirs

This refreshing drink is tropical and sweet with a kick of ginger. Serve it over a big ice cube with a twist of lime for maximum cocktail-hour vibes.

Ritual Zero Proof Gin Alternative
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Fragrant with cucumber, lemongrass and mint, this impostor makes a convincing G&T. A touch of pepper mimics alcohol's trademark burn.

WellBeing Brewing Co. Heavenly Body Golden Wheat Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer
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This balanced brew hits all the right hoppy, citrusy and malty notes. It's a perfect pairing for all things spicy.

Dram Hair of the Dog Aromatic Bitters
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Dram Apothecary

Typical bitters are at least 20% alcohol by volume. This booze-free version is spicy and herbal. Try it in sparkling water with a slice of lime.

Hello Cocktail Co. Bitters & Soda Spritz Aromatic
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Spritz lovers will appreciate this pleasantly bitter canned mocktail with a hint of orange and clove.