No Need to Hide Extra Blankets Or Towels With This Stylish Organizer—And It's Less than $40

It has over 900 five-star reviews.

mDesign Metal Free Standing Bath Towel Blanket Ladder Storage Organization, Rack for Bathroom, Bedroom, Laundry Room - Bronze
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No one likes a messy living room or bathroom, but it can be hard to keep things organized, especially items like blankets and towels. Though they can be super comforting, blankets and towels are a little too bulky for bins, and keeping them in piles on the floor or counter can be a bit of an eyesore. Plus, for blankets or throws that you use frequently, folding them and unfolding them can be repetitive. Luckily, the mDesign Bath Towel & Blanket Ladder Organizer is here to help.

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mDesign Metal Free Standing Bath Towel Blanket Ladder Storage Organization

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The mDesign free standing metal ladder has five rungs (each can hold multiple items) perfectly angled to hold blankets, towels and more. Its sleek design is 58.5 inches tall while only being 16.5 inches wide, so it can fit in smaller spaces and take advantage of vertical storage space. The grips on the top and bottom of the ladder ensure it stays securely in place without it falling over.

Not only is the ladder super easy to use, but its aesthetically pleasing design makes it perfect for any living room, laundry room or bathroom. It comes in five colors, including matte and gloss finishes, so it doubles as storage and decor (and who doesn't love a 2-in-1 item?).

Not only can the ladder be shipped for free with Amazon Prime, but at just $36.99, it's an affordable storage solution with over 900 five-star reviews. One reviewer writes that the ladder, "helps keep our living room looking neat and clean!" while another notes, "It holds more than I anticipated. Great value for the money!"

Keep your blankets and towels tidy and easy to access with the mDesign Bath Towel & Blanket Ladder Organizer. This stylish piece of home decor will keep your living room or bathroom clutter free.

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